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In The News for Wednesday, September 15, 2021
Posted Sep 15 2021 7:18AM

·       Yesterday’s bombshell was Bob Woodward’s claim that Gen. Milley met with senior military officers and told them to ignore any orders from President Trump involving the nuclear codes. Supposedly senior officers are willing to testify that the meeting took place. There is skepticism, but, if true, a court martial is called for on charges of treason. As one commentator said, it should include some wood and a rope. I fervently hope it proves to be false. Obviously, Gen. Milley needs to address this and do it with alacrity. So far, he hasn’t responded which unfortunately lends credence to the story. 

·       A pathetic, embarrassing disaster. Blinken’s testimony[JW2]  in front of the House and Senate Foreign Relations Committees.

·       Coal stocks have been incredibly strong, up about 40% over the past three months This may be why. More and more utilities are dependent on coal fired generation plants due to the failure of wind. Headline: Energy Prices In Europe Hit Records After Wind Stops Blowing. Natural Gas prices have also risen sharply. California has waived air pollution standards so that diesel generators can make up the shortfall.

·       A new form of voter fraud in California. Republicans have been showing up to vote in person only to be told they have already voted.  

·       “Defund Police” member of ‘Squad’ are biggest spenders on private security. Tell you anything?

·       These stickers are showing up on gas pumps around the country. Get yours here.

·       Everything you always wanted to know about masks, and the falsehoods surrounding them. When it says “everything” it means it. A very thorough article. I can save you a lot of reading. They are virtually useless in preventing COVID transmission. They are nothing more than a virtue signaling political statement.

·       I sure don’t want to get on rapper Nicky Minaj’s bad side. She had some choice words for Joy Reid and Meghan McCain over the vaccines.

·       Well, it’s a little late, isn’t it? The New York Times quietly removes claim that Hunter Biden laptop story was “unsubstantiated.” It’s called a ‘stealth edit.’

·       Joe Biden’s nominee for the Ninth Circuit was just unanimously overturned by the Ninth Circuit. They obliterated her ruling and her alleged legal thinking behind it. She needs to be withdrawn.

·       Defense Secretary Austin declines to testify before Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Afghanistan withdrawal. There’s a solution for that. Subpoena his sorry a**.