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In The News - Thursday, December 18th, 2014 Edition
Posted Dec 18 2014 7:00AM
  • Politics as usual. Should we be surprised? I think not. This is from the New York Times by the way, not some conservative blog site. Apparently the solution to immigration and visa problems is making political contributions to the right folks.

  • A Federal judge has ruled that the President’s amnesty order oversteps his constitutional authority. It won’t have any immediate effect, but it will likely wind its way through the courts.

  • President Obama’s decision to move toward normalizing relations with Cuba was met with both approval and approbation. It’s a subject that brings out strongly held opinions. I obviously can’t speak with the same knowledge as a Cuban émigré, but I do tend to believe that closer relations with the U.S. can only help to open that society and expose them to the freedoms that the rest of us enjoy. Communism has a tough time surviving when its citizens see how the rest of us live. After losing Russia as their primary sugar daddy, they have counted on Venezuela. Good luck on that one. They’re in worst shape than Cuba if that’s possible. 

  • This is absolutely hilarious. The refs didn’t call a travel on this play despite the fact that the player essentially ran half the length of the court without dribbling before he shot.  The poor guy who made fun of the call, Andre Iguodala, got a technical. You’ve got to watch it. Count the steps. I think the ref must have been texting and missed the play.

  • Sony caves. I assume we have the A Team of techno geeks on this one. Let’s hope our geeks are smarter than theirs. Rather than cancelling the premiers they should have put it on pay per view. It would have been the biggest grossing premier of all time. Someone dropped the ball and missed an incredible opportunity to stick it to the North Koreans and make a lot of money at the same time.