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In The News for Thursday, November 3, 2022
Posted Nov 03 2022 7:28AM

·        Worried about high gas prices? AAA says that properly inflated tires can save 3 cents per gallon. Properly counted ballots can save $3/gallon. Vote Tuesday.

·        Is the New York Times channeling Powerline? Biden Verbally Fumbles, Twice, During Campaign Trip in Florida. Looks like the “Dump Biden” campaign is back on. Two years too late. His appearance for lagging gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist was a “nonstop flood of lies of the disgusting and demagogic variety.”

·        Think about this one for a minute. What kind of idiot would make this claim? The White House Tweeted this out: Seniors are getting the biggest increase in Social Security checks in 10 years through President Biden’s leadership. In other words, he is claiming responsibility for the Cost Of Living Increase (COLA) due to our unfettered inflation that he is responsible for. How stupid does he think people are? That is, of course, a rhetorical question. We know they count on the stupidity of the average citizen, otherwise the streets would be full of people with lanterns and pitchforks marching on the White House.

·        Lee Cooperman “We have terrible leadership out of Washington…this idea of a windfall profits tax,” says Cooperman. “They ought to send President Biden to school to learn a little bit about economics.”

·        On September 19th I had a post on Meta Platforms with the stock at $146 and warned that there was more pain to come. I suggested that $72 was a potential target. The stock is currently trading at $90.54, down 37% from that post. It still looks awful. Don’t try to catch a javelin.

·        Hillary Clinton claims voters don’t ‘really understand’ the midterm stakes. Au contraire, Hillary. Unfortunately for you and your party, they understand them all too well.

·        Jason Negri very succinctly lays out Why I Am Voting Republican.

We’re voting Republican because Democrats control every major city in America and—let’s face it—you suck at governance. Your cities are in shambles. They are hotbeds of crime and are always on the verge of bankruptcy. Your policies engender government dependence under the guise of compassion, encourage lawbreaking, and pit neighbors against one another in class and racial warfare.

More at the link.

·        Joe goes full Steve Martin, has his ‘I was born a poor black child’ moment. The poor guy is simply incapable of speaking in public and not throwing an outright lie into the mix. He is the absolute epitome of a congenital liar.