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In The News for Friday, June 3, 2022
Posted Jun 03 2022 7:16AM

·        Tweets Of The Day. I know my Marine friends are so proud and Britt Hume’s is perfect.

·        Slow Joe seems to have an ongoing problem remembering the name of his HHS Secretary.  As Scott Johnson says, “I wonder who in the White House thinks Biden is benefitted by his frequent public appearances and remarks. He is a senescent fool.”

·        The Washington Post throws in the towel. Don’t get cocky, but I hope history repeats itself exponentially.

·        Are you ready for $1 an egg? USDA forecast predicts highest food inflation since 1980. Let’s go, Brandon!

·        Adam Corolla on Corrupt MSM and how to cure the problem.

·        As I’ve said before, congenital liars just can’t help themselves and Biden is the poster boy for them.

·        Congress tried to outlaw this graft, but the Senate failed to pass the bill. Hopefully, after November it will come up again. Biden administration changes rules to get graft flowing to leftwing cronies again.  

·        Bill Barr sees a silver lining in the Sussmann case despite the jurie’s acquittal.

·        Joe is running out of people to blame, so he’s turned on his own. It’s called leftist autophagy. Eating your own. Almost exactly a year ago Joe tweeted us he would take responsibility and not blame others. Yeah, right.

·        Former presidential hopeful and left wing media darling, creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti, sentenced to four years in prison for embezzling from client. Just a reminder of when he was the media’s darling. Just classic! What pathetic, gullible idiots.

·        Like seeing this. These people need to be made to pay through the nose. Sandmann lawyer joins Rittenhouse team.

·        Intelligence sources report that Putin has advanced cancer. Don’t forget, though, that they also said Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation.

·        I’m wondering if it’s too late for me to change careers. Top-paid LA lifeguards earned up to $510,283 in 2021. Now where’s my Speedo?

·        First Bacon and now Coffee. Biden is toast!


·        I thought Yellen was a lightweight as Chairman of the Fed and she is a bigger lightweight as Secretary of the Treasury. Oops, Never Mind.

·        Is the Republican Party getting smart? We can always hope. There is some evidence that they may be. Of course, the competition isn’t that stiff right now, is it?