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In The News-Weekend Edition, January 17, 2021
Posted Jan 17 2021 5:57PM

·       If you are concerned about what the left is up to, and you should be, you need to read this post on Instapundit in its entirety. Unlike the right, the left always seems to want to criminalize its opposition.

·       The Peter Principle at work, rewarding failure.

·       I know we’re all so surprised at this. Woods File Gone Missing.

·       I and others have pointed this out. If the 2020 election was held in a foreign country, yhr State Department and Western Media would declare it “Fraudulent.” But of course that isn’t the case here.

·       Just a reminder of what it looked like one year ago.

·       Can this get any more ridiculous? Razor wire around the U.S. Capitol. Do they really think anyone buys into this nonsense?

·       This thing isn’t cheap at $159 piece, but it looks like a kitchen must-have for pepper lovers. When the recipe calls for 1T of ‘freshly’ ground pepper, this looks like the ticket to keep you from getting carpal tunnel syndrome. Pepper Cannon: The Pepper Mill for Pepper Lovers. I have a friend who likes a couple of eggs with his pepper. This looks like the ticket.

·       WHATSAPP privacy controversy causes ‘largest digital migration in history.’ Good. I haven’t cancelled my Facebook account, yet, just out of laziness, but I never use it to post or get into pointless political arguments. I can’t support a company that is as ‘woke’ as Zuckerberg’s creation, so I plan to remove his platform from my computer.

·       60 Minutes requested an interview with GAB CEO and got back the perfect response.

·       Pretty telling! A Twitter insider leaked a video of Jack Dorsey outlining censorship agenda. Trump is only the beginning.

·       Adlai Stevenson was the liberal Democrat of my youth, an icon to the left. He must be rolling over in his grave. Quote: “My definition of a free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular.” He would be 120 years today and would be cancelled quickly by his peers.

·       The Rise and Fall of Facts. A perfectly checked article, after all, can still be fundamentally wrong about its assumptions or conclusions.

·       Interesting information from a focus group in Cincinnati. 77% of the 40 people there liked President Trump more in the past week and 23% had the same opinion. Not one had a bad opinion. My guess it that those numbers would hold up well among his supporters elsewhere.

·       Are you now, or have you ever been a conservative? Red State Scare: The Blacklist Arrives. The Daily Wire feels sorry for the triggered Politico staff and is sending them their trademark “Leftist Tears” tumblers for the whole staff.

·       Yes, still the dumbest bartender in America. Ridicule is what she should be met with whenever she opens her mouth. Stupid just drips off of her, as Stephen says.

·       Pretty funny. Cesspool of Hatred Declares The Daily Wire A ‘Cesspool of Hatred’. Klavan is a master at puncturing political correctness and wokeness and they don’t like it.

·       Mitch might want to reconsider his stance. He’s on the wrong side of millions of Trump supporters.

·       Turncoat Republican House member Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) learns the hard way.

·       You can expect more of this. Freshman GOP Congressman Peter Meijer (R-MI) already has a primary opponent for 2022 after voting for impeachment. And I strongly suspect this milquetoast is not long for things, either. Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) needs to grow something he seems to be missing.

·       Something Chicago’s Mayor Beetlejuice Lightfoot can be proud of. They lead the nation in carjackings, which are up double over last year.

·       Hope this guy in on our side. Palmetto Bay, FL resident takes tank out for a neighborhood drive.

·       Let’s get this in gear now. Trump to declassify ‘foot-high’ batch of Obamagate documents.

·       How are individual states doing on the path back to recovery. You be the judge. Notice any rough political correlation here?


·       Hilarious. Watch a bunch of journalists freak out after being asked if they know anyone who drives a truck. Back in August, one triggered soy boy said, “Sales of mega-pickups, which have deliberately been designed to intimidate and kill pedestrians, are booming.” Well, they do look like just the ticket to handle Antifa roadblocks, don’t they?