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In The News for Thursday, December 30, 2021
Posted Dec 30 2021 8:32AM

·       Wow! Just Wow! A must read. French candidate for President, Eric Zemmour’s Christmas. He is a Jew, by the way. I wish an American politician had given this message. As the author says, “What a great and glorious thing it would be for a man like that to be elected to lead France.”

·       Pennsylvania Gets Christmas Day Delivery of Illegal Aliens From Biden Claus.

·       A great explanation of The Law of Holes, including all four laws.

·        The current crop of Democrat “Progressives” seem to embrace the second law of holes, When You Find Yourself in One, Keep Digging. Or perhaps a corollary to the first law of holes, When You Find Yourself In A Hole, Deny You Are In One.  

·       Glenn Loury On The Chicago Way.

·       The Beginning of Wisdom? Let’s hope so and that it is an indication that 2022 will be the year in which we learn more rationally to live with COVID.

·       The Twitter Thought Police have now permanently banned Dr. Robert W. Malone, the inventor of the MRNA vaccine technology and a critic of vaccine mandates.