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In The News for Friday, April 23, 2021
Posted Apr 23 2021 7:28AM

·       Today In Punitive Liberalism. Pure stupidity.

·       Ought to be an interesting day. Maricopa County, AZ will do their long-awaited hand count and forensic audit.

·       I happen to agree with this. Trump’s Biggest Failure Was In Not Gutting the FBI. I thought he should have gone through the building like Sherman through Georgia.  

·       I can’t imagine that Lisa Murkowski is planning on running again. She continues to drive nails in her own coffin. She voted to confirm total crackpot Vanita Gupta, Biden’s nominee for Associate Attorney General.                       

·       A compilation of Ron Swanson on food. One of my favorite characters. He samples vegan bacon. Perfect.

·       What the…? Are we morphing into East Germany? Postal Service running ‘covert operations program’ to monitor American’s social media posts[JW1] .

·       Apparently whistle blowers are coming out of the woodwork. Cuomo impeachment investigators getting hundreds of tips.  

·       Does this really surprise anyone? I doubt it. Sen. Cotton singles out Schiff as ‘potential source’ for hyped Russian bounties reporting. As I’ve said before, what Schiff needs badly is a good caning on the steps of the Capitol.

·       No inflation? Check out these prices.

·       Want to ditch Google? Here are some ideas. I’ve been experimenting. Zoho is one I may take a look at.

·       It’s sad. George Bush’s Bulls**t.

·       How surprising! Murder rates soar dramatically in cities after BLM protests with up to 6,000 extra deaths[JW2]  nationwide, massively outweighing the declines in police shootings.