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In The News for Tuesday, September 7, 2021
Posted Sep 07 2021 7:27AM

·       I linked to a WSJ column by Peggy Noonan yesterday , but failed to mention that I am no fan of hers. Scott Johnson of Powerline does a good job of explaining why.

·       Biden’s new partners, the Taliban, are blocking planes from taking off. What a surprise! The State Department’s response is borrowed from Freddy Prinze, “Not my job.” State Department blocking private rescue flights.

·       Barron’s goes woke. Full blown woke. Cancel community woke.

·       The Cluelessness of Our Ruling Class in 43 Seconds. In addition to introducing a master program in gender studies at Kabul University, a lecture on “contextual art” showed a befuddled group of Afghan women an example, a urinal. The looks on their faces is one of disbelief. They obviously need educating. Foreign aid money well spent.

·       Gen. Mark Milley is a despicable example of our flag ranks in the military. He was interviewed by Jen Griffin and obviously wasn’t aware of the first rule of holes. When you find yourself in one, stop digging.

·       Stephen Kruiser: America Can’t Wish Away the Afghanistan Fiasco.

Nobody is buying the administration’s “historic success” story and it’s beyond pathetic that they’re still trying to sell that stinker to a public that’s worried about the Americans who are still stuck in Afghanistan.

·       Elon Musk’s Starlink internet service will be able to penetrate places where censorship is in force. Asked “How does transmitting into a country without a local downlink work on the regulatory side?”, Musk’s reply was “They can shake their fist at the sky.”

·       Poll: Most believe getting vaccinated for COVID is a personal choice. My worry is side effects that may show up down the road due to the haste with which we approved the vaccine. I worry about unintended consequences.

·       The Border Patrol is scrambling to fill a 20 foot gap in the border wall that has enabled thousands of illegal immigrants to slip in.

·       Has Trump rolled out his first ad for a run at 2024