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In The News for Friday, May 21, 2021
Posted May 21 2021 7:15AM

·       Quote of the week: After seeing what Joe Biden has done in the last month, I’d like to thank him for not doing anything in 47 years. — Ryan Fournier (@RyanAFournier) May 19, 2021

·       Sen. Tom Cotton puts the AP in its place. Shows they knew Hamas occupied space in their building and that they had covered up Hamas attacks in the past.

·       This should hardly be surprising. You wonder why anyone would want to be a policeman in some of these jurisdictions. 20% of Seattle police force quits following defunding and black lives matter riots. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Lots more are using up their vacation and sick leave in preparation for leaving.

·       Not a good look. I suspect there will be a lot of primary challenges as a result. BETRAYAL: 35 Republicans Back Pelosi’s Move on the Capitol Riot. Here is[JW1]  a list of those Republicans who voted for it. One contrary view is Darren Beattie’s. He thinks if it is done right, it could expose everything. He may be right.

·       Senate goes maskless. Pelosi keeps her mask mandate in place for the House, although it is more and more being ignored as it should be. Steven Kruiser’s Morning Brief headline: I Won’t Mind If Nancy Pelosi Wears A Mask Forever. “People who wander through life unburdened by morals, convictions, or the cognitive ability to process logic aren’t exactly known for their consistency, after all.” She is, after all, no stranger to hypocrisy.

·       As Glenn Reynold of Instapundit says, you can’t mock these sleazy grifters at the Lincoln Project enough.

·       Has the Bible been corrupted over time as it has been copied? Dr. Steven Sanchez of the Colson Center has some interesting comments on the subject. “…the reality is that, especially compared with others like Homer and Plato, the Bible in both the Old and New Testament is by far the most solidly documented ancient manuscript.”

·       An interesting shift has been taking place in late night television viewing as watcher flee the terminally woke Jimmy Kimmel and flock to Greg Gutfield.  

·       I’m sure the Biden administration was just totally surprised that the money they gave Hamas, which had been cut off by President Trump by the way, was used to buy rockets. As Inspector Renault said, “I’m shocked! Just shocked!”

·       Biden to release terrorists including OBL’s guard, Al Qaeda bag man, and KSM Aide from Gitmo. But look at who’s still in jail. Meanwhile, House Democrats vote against sanctioning Hamas terrorists.

·       This is too close to home. I mean really home. I live here. Biden officials flying border crossers, read that illegal aliens, into U.S. in middle of the night.

·       A nice set of 30 second spots on Woke Capitalism calling out the virtue signalers[JW2]  like Nike, Woka-Cola and American Airlines for their blatant hypocrisy and grandstanding.

·       Dear Liberal Comrades[JW3] [JW4] [JW5] 

·       The Republican National Congressional Committee, NRCC, just has its best off-year April ever, raising $11.2 million.

·       Way past Peak Insanity. This one leaves it in the dust. NY Dept. of Education features drag queen for show aimed at 3 to 8-year-olds, aired on PBS.

·       I expect a lot of Americans are pretty frustrated and close to endorsing this kind of behavior. Spanish soldiers throwing migrants into the sea.

·       Another example of the preference cascade gaining steam. Voters back curtailing PA Governor Wolf’s emergency powers. One guy in Belgium is taking it to an extreme not recommended. Imagine an A.W.O.L. soldier going after Fauci with four rocket launchers? On second thought…

·       Conservative venture capitalists Peter Thiel and J.D. Vance investing in YouTube alternative Rumble. I’m seeing more and more people using it[JW6] .

·       Love Kirstie Alley. A voice of reason in an industry full of nitwits.

·       Why wouldn’t they? Oregon counties vote to secede to Idaho.