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In The News for Thursday, September 16, 2021
Posted Sep 16 2021 7:24AM

·       The Geek in Pictures: Peak Woke Edition. A very good collection of charts on a wide variety of subjects, economic and social.

·       Treason? Resignation Calls Follow Report of Gen. Milley’s Secret Calls to China. The media is trying to cover for Gen. Milley, but if the allegations are true, the only answer is that he be reduced in rank to Private, given a dishonorable discharge and tried for treason. Gregg Jarrett agrees with me. Gen. Milley’s silence would seem to lend credence to these reports. If so, every patriot on both sides of the aisle in Congress should demand action. This isn’t a partisan issue, it goes to the heart of our civilian control of the military. You’ve got to wonder why this leak is coming from the White House: Several Pentagon officers present in Milley’s secret meeting are willing to testify against him under oath. Congress can’t get them in front of a committee fast enough. Meanwhile, Biden has “great confidence” in Gen. Milley. Really?

·       Gen. Milley breaks silence. Not exactly the unequivocal denial he needed to make. He is appearing before the Senate Armed Forces Committee next week. Ought to be interesting. I’m guessing Senators Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley might have a few good questions for him.

·       Secretary of State Blinken appeared in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and fired blanks. Here is a very good rundown on his appearance with clips. Secretary of Defense Austin was invited to appear but chose not to do so. Chairman Menendez has threatened to subpoena him.

·       Our botched Afghan evacuation by the numbers. Botched is too mild an adjective.

·       It looks like Gov. Newsom has prevailed in the California recall election. It looks like Californians will continue to get what they voted for good and hard. A beautiful state that has gone to hell in a hand cart under years of Democratic leadership. No sympathy. The voters have brought this on themselves, and they will pay the price for their fecklessness. Stephen Kruiser framed it this: Racist CA Democrats Reject Chance to Elect Historic Black Gvernor. LOL.  

·       In case you have an opinion of the evils or benefits of Whisky, I suspect Judge Noah S. “Soggy” Sweat espoused them. I’ve shared this classic speech before given in the Mississippi legislature. It is a classic. Here is author John Grisham talking about him and reading the famous speech.

·       Norm MacDonald RIP. A truly funny guy. Here is a classic. He was fired from SNL and then asked to host it a year and a half later. Here is his opening monologue where he roasted them. A good article: A Comedy Legend, Remembering Norm MacDonald.

·       Yeah, right Joe. The religion of peace. As Biden says Islam is peaceful, D.C. Imam calls for Jihad.

·       This wasn’t supposed to happen. Democrats continue to lost ground in Texas as Hispanic voters turn their back on the left.

·       Good question. Who has the authority to cut off the President’s microphone?

·       Good grief! Biden takes a knee, calls Rapinoe, Seattle Storm SJW’s America’s Finest.

·       Somehow, I don’t think these women have a lot to worry about.