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In The News for Thursday, October 13, 2022
Posted Oct 13 2022 8:16AM

·        I know a lot of you wonder how our elected representatives and civil servants manage to get rick while working for the government. A Wall Street Journal investigation of corruption in the federal government sheds some light on it. Insider trading is rife. Blatant insider trading that you or I would go to jail over.

·        In anticipation of what is getting ready to take place in November, Democrats begin to blame GOP fraud if they lose. Good luck on that one. If I am right, and we are about to see the biggest electoral rebuke in our history, you can bet the screaming and head spinning is going to be epic. I’m stocking up on Orville Redenbacher’s best.

·        I’ve begun several posts in the past with the question, “just how bad is the FBI?” It seems that things just keep coming out that indicate it is worse than we could have imagined. Now we find they offered $1 million to Christopher Steele if he could come up with evidence to support the “dossier.” Of course he couldn’t and yet they still used it to get FISA warrants. Some people need to be jailed before this is all over.

·        Is there something in the wate? The NY Times Suddenly Discovers That Biden Is A Liar. Decades later than most, but still. As Steven Hayward says, “It is clear that there was something wrong with Biden even before senility overtook him.”  

·        This is sad. Making things up is so ingrained in Joe’s character that as he descends into senility they just roll off his tongue. Dementia Joe Recalls Beau.

·        Begging for impeachment. Mayorkas is a willful liar and has been a disaster as head of Homeland Security.