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In The News for Monday, January 1, 2021
Posted Jan 18 2021 9:35AM

·       Trump presidency shows abundant policy victories. Some good news to reflect on.

·       Coronavirus News:

1.     Biden to retire name of “Operation Warp Speed.” Can’t celebrate the unmitigated success, can we?

2.     Despite current COVID wave, Florida is outperforming California with fewer restrictions. That’s hardly surprising.

3.     Study shows extremely low rate of coronavirus transmission in schools, 0% from child to adult

4.     West Virginia leads nation in giving COVID-19 vaccines. The major reason is their decision not to follow the federal government’s guidance for vaccine distribution.

5.     60% of business closures due to pandemic are now permanent. That shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. It’s hard to call it an unintended consequence when many of us have been warning it would be the result of the actions taken by clueless and petty bureaucrats and politicians.  

6.     State Department officials say the Chinese haven’t been truthful about the Wuhan virology institute. What a surprise.

·       John McLaughlin says polls show a backlash coming against politicians and big tech. I think you can count on it.

·       Oh, but that was different. Celebs urged electoral college members to vote against Trump in 2016. Remember the ludicrous television ads?

·       Deep State and Mainstream Media are hopping mad with Pompeo. That means, of course, that he’s doing something right.