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In The News for Thursday, January 7, 2021
Posted Jan 07 2021 8:21AM

·        The massive size of the crowd in Washington, D.C. yesterday for the Stop the Steal demonstration is a testament to how frustrated millions of Americans are with the election “irregularities” and the vicious attacks on Trump supporters by the left. I’ve been predicting a backlash, and it finally happened. Most of the huge crowd had no idea what was happening as a very small group, probably infiltrated by instigators, marched on the Capitol. The next two years aren’t likely to have Democrats and Republicans joining hands and singing Kumbaya. Here’s a good idea of just how mad people are and how fed up.  It’s the kind of behavior we take for granted from liberals but are surprised to see when moderates and conservatives have finally had enough. It looks like we’re close to having Fort Sumter fire their cannons. And of course, the party that condoned burning and looting our cities is now all about law and order. I suspect this was a case of people reaching their boiling point and that we’re not likely to see riots break out around the country once calmer heads prevail. Listening to the talking heads almost reveling in being able to cover something like what happened and the RINOs and neverTrumpers come out of the woodwork made me wonder where they have been for the last four years and where they were when Antifa was burning police stations and looting Walmart.  Interestingly, while the Capitol was cleared, the local Walmart was open for business. Go figure. I suspect we’ll get a clearer picture of what actually happened over the next few days.

·        Some comments on the political landscape from Scott Johnson at Powerline.

·        One Democrat has had enough. Georgia Rep. Vernon Jones switches parties.

·        Does the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act Have A Shot In Congress? It would be great, but I’m non holding my breath. On the other hand, could 8 million new gun owners change the debate?

·        And from the paper of record, a new study finds connection between believing Russia rigged 2016 election and believing 2020 election was foolproof.

·        On Point: In Praise of Trump Administration Transactional Foreign Diplomacy.

·        This town ain’t big enough for the two of us – D.C. Mayor to Proud Boys founder Enrique Tarrio. Apparently, she is OK with burning American flags but not BLM banners.

·        The new tie-breaker in the Senate. Kamala Harri has been telling her plagiarized “fweedom” story for months. Here she in telling Jimmy Fallon.  

·        Cash in circulation increase at fastest pace since WWII. $2.07 trillion at year-end. This could presage a spurt in consumer spending in 2021.

·        Mitt Romney boards plane full of Trump supporters. He apparently boarded a plane in Salt Lake City for Washington, D.C. that was full of Trump supporters on their way to demonstrate for the President. It wasn’t a pleasant experience for him.

·        Army’s next generation squad weapon could be historic.

Florida, with no mask mandate or lockdown, has roughly the same hospitalization level as the 2018 flu season.