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In The News for Tuesday, December 13, 2022
Posted Dec 13 2022 7:13AM

·        I kind of expected this. Scam Bankman-Fraud Sam Bankman-Fried is planning to testify remotely at the Congressional hearing today. Apparently, he’s not quite ready to check into the hoosegow. Oops. Breaking News: SBF has been arrested in the Bahamas, and, I assume, will be extradited. Just for the record, he does not intend to commit suicide.

·        Well, I guess when you’re known for being on the wrong side of every foreign policy decision for your whole career you have a reputation to maintain.

·        Who keeps picking these people? Democrat-picked Congressional Ethics Chief Omar Ashmawy has come in for a little well-deserved scrutiny.

·        Fallen idols? The liberal press has had a tough time having to replace some of their idols who have fallen from grace.

·        This should be fun. Holding these folks up for some serious ridicule and embarrassment is long overdue. McCarthy pledges subpoenas for 51 intel agents in wake of Hunter Biden ‘Twitter Files’ revelations.

·        Silence Of The Shams. The stuff coming out of Twitter has been bombshell after bombshell but is being studiously ignored by the press arm of the Democratic party, that is to say the mainstream media. Miranda Devine, who broke the Hunter Biden laptop story before the 2020 election has some thoughts. The media’s silence on the ‘Twitter Files’ is shameful.

It’s a big yawn to see evidence that Twitter became a propaganda arm of the Democratic Party and federal government agencies, and that the FBI has been coercing social media companies to violate the First Amendment and interfere with elections.

·        They are so sure of being bullet-proof that they don’t even try to hide their scams any longer. Renowned “generic post zombie formalism” artist Hunter Biden is back with more of his “art” for sale at New York’s Georges Barges Gallery. I think it is safe to say that the media might be reacting differently if it were Donald, Jr. or Eric running this scam.

·        When you decide to superglue your hands to something in protest, you might want to make sure it isn’t portable. These two clowns didn’t plan ahead very well.

·        Bitter and insignificant Keith Olbermann picks fight with wrong conservative, is promptly throttled.

Like so many other left-wing “public figures,” Keith Olbermann desperately tries to remain relevant, and he’s hardly the Lone Ranger. See: Dan RatherBrian WilliamsChris CuomoBrian StelterTom Brokaw, et al.

·        Another Doofus who seems to be having a mental breakdown is Alexander Vindman, who is about as insignificant as insignificant gets. 

·        And then there is Soledad O’Brien. They just don’t learn, do they?

·        While we’re at it, Brian Karem is a political analyst for CNN and the White House correspondent for Playboy. He stood up to Elon and hilarity ensued.

·        We’ll wrap this up by making fun of John Dean, the 84-year old disbarred lawyer who tried to cover up Watergate. As I’ve said numerous times, loud and constant ridicule is the best response to these liberal idiots.

·        Ran across this classis SNL skit on Reagan. Great!