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In The News for Wednesday, June 5, 2019
Posted Jun 05 2019 7:17AM

·        You’ve got to be kidding. Al Gore will collect $320,000 for a Climate Week Conference in Australia where he will “communicate the urgency of the climate crisis.” Fittingly, snow just fell in Queensland for the first time in four years.

·        What a surprise! Mexico cracks down on migrants after pressure from Trump to act.   

·        Mueller appears to have edited voicemail between John Down and Flynn lawyer. Anyone willing to dig a little can find several instances in Mueller’s career that indicative of questionable ethics.

·        Not again. Joe Biden has had problems in the past with plagiarism. Now it appears his climate platform as plagiarized from nonprofits without attribution.

·        TDS is a terrible thing to suffer from. Got this jerk arrested.

·        Good news for lovers of the Java Jive. Drinking 25 cups of coffee a day is still safe for the heart. I’m expecting a study on the positive effects of bacon and Scotch any day now.

·        I’ve suggested that Eric Swalwell’s cornbread might not be quite done in the middle. More evidence.

·        This is encouraging. 80% of Mexico’s populated territory is controlled by the cartels.

·        Trade tensions have had a ‘significant’ impact on China, IMF says. That was the whole point, wasn’t it?