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In The News for Wednesday, April 26, 2023
Posted Apr 26 2023 8:09AM

·        Slow Joe throws his depends hat in the ring- by video. Check out the video at about the 2:15 mark. It portrays him as a man of youthful vigor. That should give you an idea of how truthful the rest of the video is. The GOP immediately released an AI generated ad forecasting the disaster a second Biden term might entail.

·        A very nice reflection on Tucker Carlson by John Hinderaker of Powerline who met Tucker when Tucker was the keynote speaker in 2018 at the American Experiment’s annual dinner.

·        After Don Lemon’s demise at CNN, which was hardly unexpected, this tweet from Ellen Carmichael doubled me over. “no seriously, Joy Reid is definitely painting lamb’s blood over her door right now as the cable news angel of death floats by.”

·        Rake her ass over the coals and then give her a ride in a dunking chair at the tidal basin. House Republicans subpoena FBI Human Resources executive Jennifer Leigh Moore over reports of retribution taken out of conservative staffers.

·        Another impressive Biden appointee. Ambassador to African Union unable to pass Foreign Service Officer Test twice. Struggles with English.

·        Top rat leaves sinking ship? Susan Rice, poster child for the Peter Principle, is stepping down as Biden’s domestic policy advisor.

·        Notes On The Twitter Files (18) & (20). You should really read these. As the author says, “A conspiracy so immense.”

·        An interesting take on what’s happening to the mainstream media. The Virtues Of Self-Employment. Unfortunately, it really only applies to those who truly follow current events and want to know what is going on. Outside of those, there is a vast wilderness of uninformed “men on the street” who don’t have a clue except for what they might see on one of the biased networks. If you’ve seen any of the man on the street interviews recently, it is staggering the level of ignorance that is out there, and scary that these uninformed cretins can vote.