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In The New for Monday, December 9, 2019
Posted Dec 08 2019 9:46PM

·        First of all, a correction. Unlike the New York Times or Washington Post, I won’t bury it on page 27. I seem to have had a senior moment on Friday or I had D-Day on my mind as I transposed D-Day and Pearl Harbor. Obviously, December 6th was the eve of the Pearl Harbor attack and not of the Normandy invasion. My comments were still valid, though. Just early by about six months.

·        The Week in Pictures: Narwhal Tusk Edition.

·        OAN News traveled to Ukraine and met with former Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko who says former Ambassador Yovanovitch perjured herself. Think this may come up if there is a trial in the Senate? It’s been studiously ignored by ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, the Washington Post, New York Times, etc. How surprising.

·        Kurt Schlichter certainly can turn a phrase, can’t he? The Democrat’s Massive Impeachment Fail. Excerpt:

Well, the gibbering, babbling left wanted an impeachment, and now they’re getting it good and hard. To the surprise of no one who isn’t a blue city pol, a media hack, or an insufferable Fredocon sissy, the American people are not particularly impressed by the genius idea of replacing our president a year before an election because he allegedly expressed curiosity about why the coke-sniffing, stripper-impregnating, dead brother’s wife-trifling, Navy-rejected loser son of Vice President Gropey O’Definitelynotsenile scored a $50K+ a month gig on a Ukrainian gas board. And it’s just dawning on some of them they maybe this impeachment brainstorm was not the bestest idea there ever was.

·        Here is why Business Insider isn’t even on the radar of sites I regularly look at for news on current events. Unbelievable! Just a perfect example of how totally unhinged the mainstream media is. Stage 4 of TDS. Using deceptively edited clips is just par for the course for MSNBC and CNN.

·        So how’s that impeachment thing working out for you Dems?

·        From Instapundit, the perfect metaphor. ROTFLMAO! The entire left is having a Wile E. Coyote moment. They ran off the cliff sure they’d catch the Roadrunner, and now their legs are pumping, mid-air, and they’re doing everything they can to avoid looking down.

·        Friday’s Ammo Grrrll piece was a beautiful parody. Read and enjoy.

·        Not sure this is what the dynamic trio of Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler intended. Impeachment Is Quite The Cash Cow For President Trump. The President, however, may end up with a campaign war chest the likes of which no incumbent has ever seen.

·        In case you had any doubts just how deranged the TDS crowd really is, this should convince you. This, too, from Rep. Al Green.

·        I have to admit I found this just too good. Kaepernick Workout Leads To Job With Redskins.

·        U.S. Trade deficit falls 7.6% in October to 1-month low on decline in Chinese imports. Headed in right direction.

·        Telling, perhaps. Google trends showed more searches for Peloton than Impeachment last week. The Minneapolis Star Tribune, a solidly liberal Democrat media organ in a blue state ran the AP story of Nancy Pelosi’s slurred call for impeachment articles on the front page. Unfortunately for them, it didn’t even make the top five most read online stories, edged out by Justin Timberlake’s apology to his wife Jessica Biel. You think maybe the vast majority of U.S. voters have seen through this charade of an attempted coup?

·        Oh yea! Foggy Bottom Has the Sadz (and That’s a Very Good Thing). Is it ever. I really enjoyed this article. Lewis Lukens, the former Deputy Chief of Mission at the UK Embassy is a perfect example of the kind of employee who needs to be sent packing, and he was. The members of the swamp don’t seem to agree with Harry Truman’s observation in his memoirs about the foreign service. “…the foreign service officer has no authority to make policy. They act only as servants of the government, and therefore they must remain in line with the government policy that is established by those who have been chosen by the people to set that policy.” Schiff’s parade of self-important bureaucrats didn’t seem to get it, did they?

·        Correct. Mark Tapscott: “Investigating the Clintons is like what digging in an old graveyard must be – everywhere you shovel, you turn up something rotten.” Alleged Pedophile and Mueller Witness George Nader Accused of Funneling Millions to Support Clinton Campaign.

·        Something tells me these will quickly be on the discount rack like most of Hillary’s books. Fauxcahontas says she’ll wear a pink Planned Parenthood scarf at her inauguration. As Sara Hoyt asked said, “She can do whatever she wants I suppose. Does anyone know what country she’s being inaugurated?”

·        I saw this court ruling when it happened and thought it was absolutely outrageous. I’m glad someone is taking up the appeal.

·        As U.S. becomes a net exporter of fossil fuels, Democrats vow to bludgeon big oil.

·        France is a mess for many of the same reasons California is. What’s going on in France might be a preview of what will happen in California when they are forced to address the same issues.

·        People associated with Jeffrey Epstein seem to be dying right and left. Sara Hoyt has some advice: Bumper stickers with “I don’t know Jeffrey Epstein.” And while you’re at it add “I know nothing about Hillary Clinton.” Good advice.

·        CNN hits three-year ratings low amid impeachment drama. It’s killing them. Zucker is oblivious to the damage he’s done to the network. Question. In what universe does Brian Stelter qualify as anything but a total clown, much less an anchor on a national news network? No wonder their ratings have been tanking.

·        President Trump has just hit 170 new Federal Judge appointments. Most in their 40’s and 50’s, with lifetime appointments. Impeach that! President Trump is now responsible for appointing one-fifth of the federal judiciary.

·        The Free Enterprise System at work – Russian Style. Deplorable, and yet as a businessman I can’t help but feel a grudging admiration. Wonder if this would work across the border from El Paso?

·        A look back on how “smart” and perceptive our betters in the media are. Now it appears that according to the Washington Post they need to take sides even more openly. Is that possible? Idea: Be even more partisan while denying their partisanship.

·        Fauxcahontas is simply a walking, talking disaster of a candidate and should never be allowed anywhere near the reins of power. She now suggests she will slash the Defense budget to pay for her wild haired schemes.

·        Vegan YouTube star with 700,000 followers throws in the towel and goes carnivore. Says she’s lost 2 lbs. and feels better. Of course she does. When you ignore your bodies need for bacon, barbeque, rack of lamb and steak you’re playing havoc with your health.

·        If there was ever a classic “shut up and sing” moment, ex-girlfriend of Gov. Jerry Brown, Linda Ronstadt, has had more than her share. An unparalleled talent but a total nitwit intellectually.  Perhaps Anthony Hopkins should have used the broader term “entertainers” instead of “actors.” He recently said in an interview, explaining why he never talks about politics, “Actors are pretty stupid.” Hopefully, someone will show the interview to Mark Ruffalo.