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In The News for Thursday, January 28, 2021
Posted Jan 28 2021 7:56AM

·        Court rules that late ballots in Virginia missing postmarks were illegal. Good timing.

·        In case you disagree with Joe Biden’s Transgender Policy, Facebook will ban you for “incitement.” Don’t have to worry about that. Facebook has been removed from all my devices and my account terminated.

·        Don’t think we’ll be going to CVS or Walgreens for this test. I think I’ll stick with the nasal swabs.  

·        Objections to Government Authority? That’s pretty much what the Bill of Rights is.

·        California Professor of Gender and Sexuality studies, Jane Ward, at California-Riverside calls Heterosexuality “tragic.” As Stephen Geen said, “Maybe the way you do it.” LOL

·        Can Rand Paul Save The Senate? Good post.

·        Nancy Pelosi: Inside Trader. Wonder which businesses Democrats intend to favor? One easy way is to look at what companies Nancy Pelosi is investing in.