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In The News for Friday, December 18, 2020
Posted Dec 18 2020 7:39AM

·       Today’s column by Ammo Grrrll is, as usual, worth a read. Meanwhile, I intend to give Slow Joe, Mama Doc, and Commie-la the exact same measure of respect that the Trump haters gave to my President. They made the rules.

·       This is interesting. I’ll just link to it without comment.

·       Haven’t weighed in on the Doctor Jill Biden controversy. Tucker Carlson did a very entertaining piece and I know a few people who have taken the time to read her dissertation. The unanimous reviews are that it is awful. Kyle Smith eviscerates her. And Powerline put it all in perspective.  

·       One California Sheriff refuses to go along with the madness. There will be more. He has refused to release 1800 inmates after a Judge’s order.

·       If I had to guess, I’s guess that Tom Cruise is getting his COVID information from the folks at CNN. Quite a rant from someone who doesn’t know what he is talking about. Of course it didn’t escape the writers at the Babylon Bee.

·       Students call for national hate speech law…but can’t define ‘hate speech.’ Well, it’s whatever the People’s Tribunal tells us at our sentencin

·       If Georgians vote for this guy, they’ll get what they deserve. Uber radical Senate candidate Raphael Warnock has compared tax cuts to King Herod’s attempt to kill baby Jesus.  

·       And on the Election Fraud beat: Arizona Senate demands an audit of Maricopa County’s vote machines. And this interesting development in Michigan.

·       The Immaculate Deception: Six Key Dimensions of Election Irregularities. The Novarro Report. We checked all the boxes. If one box were checked in a foreign election we monitored it would be called fraudulent. This is a fairly exhaustive report.

·       Peter Billingsley, who is now 49, starred as Ralphie in the iconic movie, “A Christmas Story.” Apparently at 12 years old, his age when it was filmed, he wasn’t a big fan of Red Man Chewing Tobacco. Who could have known?

·       The President vows to veto the Defense Bill as he threatened since it did not include termination of Section 230 that give protection to social media outlets.

·       Pete Buttigieg for Transportation Secretary because of “his personal love of transportation.” As Jack Posobiec said, “I’ve seen Star Wars 10 times so basically I’m an astronaut now.”

·       Can you even imagine living in this dystopian city?  They need to send in the SWAT teams backed up by heavily armed National Guardsmen.

·       Once CNN called the election, Jake Tapper was comfortable dropping any pretense, shallow as it was, of objectivity to assume lap dog status for the Biden/Harris ticket. “The ‘shock’ that Democrats will feign when 2021 onward turns into a funhouse mirror version of the last four years will be astonishing to watch.” Biden should beware of Nemesis.

·       What a surprise, said no one ever. Florida’s unemployment claims decline sharply as state remains open.

·       San Diego judge affirms that stripping is a constitutional right. Our founding fathers thought of everything.

·       It seems to be spreading, doesn’t it? Americans are in full revolt against pandemic lockdowns. Looking forward to seeing some tarred and feathered politicians.