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In The News for Tuesday, October 12, 2021
Posted Oct 12 2021 7:02AM

·       Columbus Day in Pictures.

·       Brandon, the gift that keeps on giving. Hilarious clip from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. There are a lot of Brandons. Hilarious ridicule from Kurt Schlichter. Move over, COVID – Biden’s numbers have leprosy with some scabies and chlamydia mixed in.

·       [JW1] From Politico, no less. Dems warn that “the President’s decline is alarming.” Glenn Reynolds comments:

Reminder: The political establishment — virtually all of the Democrats and a large chunk of the GOPe — foisted Biden off on us despite knowing that he was unqualified in the extreme, and that his running mate was no better. When they pose as the responsible adults in the room, remember that they were happy to saddle America with a dysfunctional president at a dangerous time in history, out of a combination of pique and corruption.

·       An article in Yahoo Finance on inflation that ought to get your attention. Transitory and Fleeting might not be such good adjectives, after all. $40 is what a good ribeye might cost in a nice steakhouse, not your local grocery store.

·       With the mass sick-out of Southwest pilots, the company has issued a press release offering free tickets to any passengers who are vaccinated and can fly a plane. LOL.

·       Get the Kryptonite! Superman has just come out as bisexual. Absolute lunacy!

·       Basic economics can be confusing. Just remember that the only money our politicians have the throw around has to come from you.


·       This Is CNN. Explains their lack of viewers. Without Trump, they don’t have much to talk about[JW2] .

·       200 Afghan refugees placed in a popular vacation hotel in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England. Here’s what happened. Good luck on assimilating.