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In The News for Tuesday, September 1, 2020
Posted Sep 01 2020 7:41AM

·       Joe emerges from basement to speak yesterday. Staff cringes at decision as Joe makes statement about COVID-19. Sign language translator gives up in despair. It’s hard to characterize his appearance as anything but an utter disaster.

·       The best of Kaylie.

·       Lax law enforcement by Portland authorities is what allowed killer to be back on the street and able to execute a Trump supporter. I expect a massive civil lawsuit. Portland’s sorry excuse for a mayor has bragged about refusing federal help which he obviously needs in the worst way. Portland mayor lets his entire city burn to the ground just to make Trump look bad.   Let’s not forget who solicited donations to help bail rioters out of jail. Here’s the Tweet that is still up[JW1] .  

·       Let’s hope someone is paying attention. CrimeInc. has published a first person account of the destruction of the Minneapolis Police Department’s Third Precinct titled The Siege of the Third Precinct in Minneapolis.  

·       No comment necessary. Steven Colbert and Kamala Harris.

·       I keep telling you that it appears a sea change is taking place. Trump’s approval rating with Black voters soars by 60% during RNC according to a HarrisX-Hill Survey. It went from 15% to 24%. Other polls have even higher numbers.

·       Anyone remember the 1972 electoral vote count in the Nixon/McGovern election? It was 520 to 17. Nixon carried 49 states and McGovern carried Massachusetts and Washington, D.C., failing to carry his own state of South Dakota. It wasn’t eclipsed until the 1984 election between Reagan and Mondale. Reagan won 525 to 13, with Mondale carrying his own state, Minnesota, and Washington, D.C.  I don’t think it possible, but if Joe Biden equals Mondale’s record, Trump wins 532 to 6. I think you have to put NY, CA, DE, HA and D.C. in Biden’s column, so that would imply 444 to 94. Just playing with numbers, but they look very possible to me. The real outlier would be if either NY or CA voters finally rebelled against their pathetic leadership.

·       Oops! Looks like the vast majority of COVID results should have been negative. This coupled with the release over the weekend from the CDS clearly indicates that the established medical community, read that governmental medical bureaucracy, has badly mismanaged this crisis and caused immeasurable harm through their recommendations that shut down our economy.  

·       Tennessee State Representative John DeBerry (D-Memphis) delivers amazing speech slamming Antifa/BLM Riots. He is a Democrat, by the way.