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In The News for July 1, 2022
Posted Jul 01 2022 6:29AM

·       Another win. Supreme Court hamstrings power-mad federal bureaucrats. Another 6-3 decision. Ooh Rah! As John Hinderaker says, the liberal reaction was unhinged. “Exhibit A is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the low IQ but sort-of-cute representative from New York. She proposed we abolish the Supreme Court.”

·       Encouraging. GWU Law School refuses to bow to the woke mob. Will keep Clarence Thomas despite woketard pressure.

·       Starkly different from his predecessor. Biden hastily ends press conference as reporters shout questions: “I’m out of here.”

·       What this young woman failed to take into account as she sought her ten minutes of fame is that she has screwed herself for any future position. Who would want to hire someone who can’t be trusted to be loyal? She is toast. Cassidy Hutchinson’s Jan. 6 testimony comes under increased scrutiny.

·       Still Taking On Water. Biden’s approval numbers hit another low, sinking to 38%. That must be 38% who live in a cave or are just immune to current events. My guess is it is mostly made up of journalists and staff at MSNBC, CNN and the other major networks and newspapers.

·       There’s Something About Clarence. Justice Thomas has set off the lunatic left. I’m enjoying every minute of it.

·       Who would havs thought anyone could be worse that Jan Psaki. Karine Jean-Pierre seems to be doing her best to wrest the title away.