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In The News for Wednesday, September 21, 2022
Posted Sep 21 2022 7:35AM

·        A fair review of Slow Joe’s 60 Minutes appearance. The NewsBusters headline was a great description. State-Run TV: 60 Minutes Drools Over Biden in Syrupy Interview.

This is quintessential Biden. Lying, gaslighting, emphatic, nasty, denying reality while in the same breath denying he's denying reality. It is so out of the bounds of normal behaviour that people discount it or blame their own perception

— Miranda Devine (@mirandadevine) September 19, 2022

·        The Daily Chart: COVID Is Over. This is going to annoy the masks-forever faction of the Democratic Party.

·        Don Lemon of CNN has never been the sharpest knife in the drawer and has now been demoted to the 6am slot instead of being mercifully fired as he should be. He wasn’t prepared for this exchange when he suggested the Royals should pay reparations and was pretty much left speechless after being schooled. Leave it to the English to come up with the best answer to the woke bulls**t about reparations.

·        Supply Chain problems? You have no idea. Society could be hanging by a thread.

·        LOL. A previous FOMC meeting.

·        The European Disaster Yet To Come. The German PPI for August rose 45.8% over the same month a year ago. Wonder how that could happen? Energy prices rose 139% over the same period.

   Germany has long led the “green” parade, touting its alleged transition to wind and solar energy and encouraging other nations to follow in its footsteps. The “green” pretense has always been exaggerated if not downright fraudulent, as Germany has never managed to meet more than a small percentage of its energy needs with wind and solar.

   Despite the investment of billions of dollars and years devoted to an alleged transition, wind and solar energy are utterly unable to power a modern economy, as the Europeans are learning the hard way. Let’s hope we can learn from their example.