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In The News for Tuesday, May 18, 2021
Posted May 17 2021 4:41PM

·       From the New York Times no less, this story on Joe Biden. Beneath Joe Biden’s Folksy Demeanor, a Short Fuse and an Obsession With Details. Powerline’s take: Slow Joe Getting Slower.

While the story tries to soften the blows with lots of fluff and filler, it paints a devastating picture of Biden for the careful reader. It explains he has a quick temper, takes a long time to make decisions, and needs to be heavily propped up by staff to function. 

The timing of the Times story is interesting, as Biden’s “honeymoon” period looks to be over, his ambitious legislative and spending agenda is in trouble on Capitol Hill, and multiple self-induced crises are piling up in ways that bring back memories of the ineptitude of Jimmy Carter.

·       AP Reporter Forgets To Remove Hama Headband Before Going Live. Satire but maybe pretty close to the truth. AP Goes Full SGT Schultz. Here are some awesome pictures of the Iron Dome in action. Update: AP may have actually colluded with Hamas to cover up rocket attacks and other coverage. Their true colors are apparent for all to see.

·       The left just doesn’t like it when their words are recycled by conservatives. A perfect example: “property destruction is not violence.”

·       More evidence of Peak Insanity. The following headlines:

Space Force Officer Loses Leadership Post After Criticizing Critical Race Theory

American Airlines investigating pilot who criticized school district’s ‘diversity and inclusion’ plan.

Boy Scouts now requires Eagles to earn ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ badges.

Dems look to censure Republicans who disagree with Jan. 6 narrative. You know, the “insurrection.”

·       Someone has all of a sudden stopped being in our faces 24/7. Has Dobby, otherwise known as Dr. Fauci, been thrown to the curb by the Biden administration after being caught lying to Sen. Rand Paul concerning ‘gain of function’ research? He was nowhere to be seen when CDC made the big announcement that we can take off our masks.   

·       Nashville Gas Station has a big screen display that has caught the attention of the internet.

·       Meme of the day: Just Brilliant!

Meme of the Day.png

·       Auntie Maxine is at it again. This time using the Ari Marshal’s as a personal concierge service.

·       Get Woke, Go Broke? Disney stock tanks as subscription numbers plummet in second quarter. Could Netflix be suffering the same fate?  

·       Vindicated: Trump says he was right on masks, Fauci wrong. I’d say that’s pretty accurate. It’s not Fauci’s first rodeo. This open letter from 1988 about his handling of the AIDs crisis in oddly predictive of his handling of COVID.

·       One of the best cancel culture rants I’ve ever seen from a British reporter. A little language.

·       On target quote from Tucker Carlson: “If you’re wondering whether our military leadership has gone woke, you can consider that question settled for good. The Pentagon is now the Yale faculty lounge but with cruise missiles, & that should concern you.”

·       Ted Cruz on the Corrupt Politicians Act currently before the Senate.

·       The press has really turned on Bill Gates. Anyone think all this stuff wasn’t known before he filed for divorce?

·       It’s not like we didn’t already know this. Facebook’s “fact checkers” are actually fact blockers