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In The News for Tuesday, July 13, 2021
Posted Jul 12 2021 8:52PM

·       Something is going on in Cuba. People are starving in this socialist paradise. They have developed their own COVID vaccine, but no one knows whether it works since they don’t have any syringes.  Like every socialist country, Cuba is a basket case with a stark contrast between a small but almost unbelievably rich ruling elite and a vast, impoverished population. Maybe the time has finally come when the people of Cuba can throw off the Communist yoke and rejoin the world. We can only hope so. Bernie was not available for comment and the far left is conspicuously silent as Cubans cry out for freedom from Communist dictatorship. Of course they are. They are confused by Cuban’s desire for freedom. The New York Times has framed the demonstrations as “anti-government.”

·       A symbol that has always inspired freedom fighters around the world and the left can’t stomach it.

·       Well, this could be a problem, you think? Pro-Biden super PAC is concerned that voters can’t name any accomplishments of his administration as the midterms loom.

·       Democrats are beginning to worry that they may be too Woke. Too late.

·       It seems that progressive women tend to prefeconservative men when it comes to relationships. Interesting article.

·       How utterly ridiculous. The Director of National Intelligence was caught red-handed faking a photograph of his “diverse” work force[JW1] .  

·       Hardly surprising. Dems are panicking over the planned forensic audit of the Pennsylvania presidential election. Sure looks like the behavior of people who didn’t steal an election, doesn’t it?

·       Project Veritas continues to be a thorn in the side of CNN, exposing their lies and slanted coverage.

·       Woman accused of hitting George Floyd rioter with her car found not guilty of assault. She nailed him pretty good, too. She was smart not to stop. The Denver DA should be liable for her legal fees for bringing charges.   

·       Critical Defense Contractor Theory? Raytheon has gone over to the dark side.

·       It’s time to shoot Bambi.

·       Scams and cover-ups aided and abetted by the “Big Guy” and justified by the psickening Jen Psaki. Can you even imagine what a field day the Democratic media would be having if this were Don, Jr.? Obama’s Ethics Chief had some apropos comments.

·       Kamala comes out of hiding and gives interview reminding us why she shouldn’t give interviews.

·       Another America First candidate announces for Senate challenge in Arkansas. Former NFL player and 101st Airborne soldier, Jake Bequett, is running against John Boozman (R-AR). Also, in Arizona, Blake Masters has entered the Senate race. He is a top aide of Peter Thiel and runs the investment firm founded by Thiel, a co-founder of PayPal and an early investor in Facebook.