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In the News for Friday, February 3, 2023
Posted Feb 03 2023 8:11AM

·        Hunter goes on the offensive. Good luck with that. Battle Of The Bulge, Biden Style.

·        John Hinderaker takes an interesting look at ChatGPT.

·        Freshman Senator J.D. Vance writing in the Wall Street Journal:

[F]rom grand-strategy seminars to the State Department, our entire notion of statesmanship is broken. For many, statesmanship means having a polite social-media presence and throwing out slogans about “freedom” and “democracy” while starting world-historic catastrophes in the Middle East. I prefer a different kind of statesmanship: one that stands athwart the crowd, reminding leaders in both parties that the U.S. national interest must be pursued ruthlessly but also carefully, with strong words but great restraint.

·        American Experiment has perhaps the best informed, balanced assessment of the Tyre Nichols incident. Memphis police conduct towards Tyre Nichols is deserving of criticism, criminal charges – and some context.

·        This project needs to be brought to a crashing halt. Planned New FBI HQ Is Twice the Size of the Pentagon. Are you kidding me?  

·        It’s Far Too Late For A ‘Reckoning’ Of The Trump Years. The Corrupted News Media Are Irredeemable.

No amount of “painful road of introspection” can fix what the media, conspiring with the Democratic Party and the permanent Washington bureaucracy, did to this country and to American democracy. They beat a terrifying lie — a sitting president as an asset of a foreign adversary — into the public consciousness for more than two years, crippling the political agenda Trump was duly elected to enact and, certainly, aiding in the denial of a second term in office.

·        Chip Roy Gets Maxine Waters to Denounce Maxine Waters. She is a walking, talking joke and it doesn’t say much for her constituents that they keep re-electing her. She is totally crooked and not too bright.

 Rep. Maxine Waters Jokes About Threatening Trump Supporters ‘All The Time.’

Maxine Waters: ‘Americans should be out in the streets screaming’ for Trump’s head.

Democrat Maxine Waters Makes Public Call For Harassment & Violence Against Members of Trump Administration.

California Democrat Maxine Waters caught in new nepotism storm after paying daughter $192,000


·        How bad are things? I believe that the pendulum is getting ready to swing and when it gains momentum it is going to cancel some of the most egregious of the “progressive” wokerati. The common ground between the Biden administration, a cartel, China, George Soros, and a recently indicted FBI agent. Some people need to be stood up against the wall.

·        Pretty clever. A 10-year old Rhode Island girl sent some half eaten cookies and carrots to the State Department of Health Forensics to test the DNA to see if Santa is real.  

·        No good deed goes unpunished. NPC’s mad at Mr. Beast for curing 1,000 people of blindness.  As someone said, he spent millions curing blind people when he could have sent another tank to Ukraine.

·        Good. Couldn’t happen to a more deservingly despicable Congressperson. Omar gets to boot off the House Foreign Affairs Committee. She joins Eric “Fang Fang” Swalwell and the execrable Adam Schiff in getting kicked off their committees. They made the rules and now they are getting to live by them good and hard.

·        Biden’s top Economic Advisor is leaving his position as Director of the National Economic Council. Maybe he want out while he still has some semblance of a reputation.

·        Another stellar appointment by Slow Joe. He just appointed Kim Cobb, a climate alarmist who was admittedly left bed-ridden by Trump’s election, to his Intelligence Advisory Board. The bar for being a Biden advisor is pretty low already and this won’t raise it.

·        Of course it is. She is totally right. NCAA All-American swimmer Riley Gaines calls out the NCAA, says men competing in women’s sports is “a mockery.”