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In The News for Friday, March 26, 2021
Posted Mar 26 2021 8:09AM

·        Well, we Joe finally held a press conference, bizarre as it was. Apparently he had most, if not all, of the questions in advance and a briefing book prepared from which he read. Here is one take from John Hinderaker, who wasn’t willing to spend an hour out of his life that he could never get back. He summarized some of the reviews. I did watch it, and some blatant lies went totally unchallenged by his adoring press. Real-time social media ripped his halting performance.

·        It’s rare that there is so much material that a Midweek in Pictures needs to be published. This is one.

·        Whiny Narcissist Meets Empty Suit. A good take on women’s soccer and its worst spokesperson.

·        In case you haven’t read about Biden’s pick for leading the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department, you ought to be aware of just how bad an appointee she is. Hopefully, she won’t be approved. She had restricted access to her Twitter account due to some of her comments about Senators. If anyone needs to be cancelled, it is Kristen Clarke.

·        Support from Democrats for a ‘pathway to citizenship’ is cratering. It has fallen from 72% to 57%. We’ll see if politicians are paying attention.

·        This is a trend that seems to be accelerating. Good. Some Courts Are Looking at the 2020 Election. Related: Some questions in Montana.

·        It’s hard to imagine that this guy has any audience at all. Brian Stelter’s CNN ratings have tanked for the second week in a row.

·        I’ve written in the past about how to handle the wokescolds. Glenn Reynolds had a good column in the New York Post about the subject. Spot on.

·        Ted Cruz responded to a reporter who asked him to put on a mask “Would you mind putting on a mask for us?” His response was “You’re welcome to step away if you’d like.”

·        Left wing Yale psychiatrist, Bandy X. Lee, has been fired. She was the unfortunate victim of terminal TDS who felt she could diagnose Trump, Dershowitz and all of Trump’s followers. What a shame.