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In The News for Friday, November 4, 2022
Posted Nov 03 2022 7:34PM

·        Tossups? I Don’t Think So. Some key races and the likely outcomes.

Those races, with New Hampshire, net out to +4 for the GOP. Call me an optimist, but I don’t think the Republicans’ recapture of the Senate will be a nail-biter.

The swing in suburban white women has been huge. The make up 20% of the electorate and now favor Republicans by 15 percentage points.

·        The election results this coming Tuesday are going to be a real obvious indication of just how little influence a biased press has and what low esteem it is held in. A Media Research Center study of 115 election stories from ABC, NBC and CBS found that 87% treated Republicans negatively.

·        Democrats Worried Republicans May Take Lead Beyond Margin Of Cheating.

·        Portland mayor comes up with brilliant plan to solve homeless problem in her city. Tear down the tent cities and build pickleball courts.  

·        Who knew? Cornhole is a professional sport. ‘BagGate’ cheating scandal rocks professional cornhole world.

·        I’m guessing another talentless CNN host may be on the way out. Don Lemon was demoted from prime time to zero dark thirty with his new CNN This Morning show and it has debuted to dismal ratings.

·        Democrat candidates father blows the whistle on son’s claims about military service. Clyde Shavers, whose ties to the district he is running in is apparently a room at a bed and breakfast, claims to have been a nuclear submarine officer. According to his father, “Clyde was never a submarine officer, not even for a day.” I would think his DD214 should clear it up quickly. Apparently, that has now been cleared up. Clyde attended Navy Nuclear Power School but never served as a submarine officer. When discharged he was a Lieutenant working as a Public Affairs Officer.  

·        Some excellent political cartoons.

·        In case you wonder which polls you should pay attention to, this might help.