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In The News for Wednesday, April 21, 2021
Posted Apr 21 2021 7:27AM

·       Stephen Kruiser: “I’ve Known Maxine Waters Is Evil for a Very Long Time.” That one isn’t even in dispute by anyone with a brain.

·       Looking for a company to support? Try Home Depot. They have refused to join the Woke corporate elite and are coming under pressure for it. A

·       Woke Anti-American politics comes to the VA. This nitwit went silent briefly after Trump shot down the Critical Race Theory scam, but she quickly revived it when Slow Joe was anointed. What total, unadulterated bulls**t!

·       Meanwhile, our president on loan from Madame Tussauds bans ‘Illegal Aliens’ (not the activity, just that term for it).

·       So, who is “The Big Guy?” Hunter declines to answer and hides. I think we can take a wild stab and come up with the correct answer, don’t you?

·       A fair question. Who hates America more, protesters in Iran or Minnesota?

·       Every single Republican should be doing what Marsha Blackburn is doing. Nonstop, 24/7 in their faces.

·       This week in Cancel Culture. They come for one of their own.

·       Asian Americans Create Gun Group as Ownership, Hate Crimes Rise. In California no less.

·       Is it possible that Nancy Pelosi could be any more despicable? You don’t have to answer that one. I know the answer. “Thank you George Floyd for Sacrificing Your Life.” Both the left and the right tore her to shreds.

·       Gov. DeSantis signed an anti-riot bill with some teeth in it. It should be emulated everywhere. No bail if you are arrested during a riot until after your first court date. Minimum six months in jail for battery on a police officer. I’m not sure but it might even make it legal to run over protesters blocking roads.

·       Just what this dysfunctional Federal Bureau needs. FBI appoints first Chief Diversity Officer. It is way past time for the whole executive floor of the FBI Building to be put out to pasture. Hopefully, that will be either Trump’s or DeSantis’ first order of business in 2024.