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In The News for Thursday, September 22, 2022
Posted Sep 21 2022 8:48PM

·        Too good a comment of the reaction of locals in Martha’s Vineyard not to pass on. Footage from South Beach.

·        Bordering On Incoherence. That’s an understatement. As someone has said, he has half a mind to be president. What he has allowed to take place at our southern border is nothing short of treasonous. Solving the problems he has created won’t be easy, and rounding up and expelling a few million illegal immigrants is going to cause some real top of the lungs screaming by the liberals. It's unfortunate that there are just too many to take a case-by-case approach. As the old saying goes, when you back the paddy wagon up to the door you get some good girls, too, but that is what is called for and it is my number one hot button litmus test in the upcoming midterms for anyone who wants my vote. I want to see a law that states if you enter the United States illegally, you will receive no benefits and you will never qualify for citizenship.

·        This is an excellent clip from Australia’s Sky TV of a commentator talking about the bias, perfidy and historical ignorance displayed by the New York Times and other American leftist media.

·        32 Republican Senators sent a letter to Atty. Gen. Merrick Garland demanding special counsel protections for U.S. Attorney David Weiss for his investigation into Hunter Biden. Nothing likely to happen until after the midterms, but more and more the Republicans are putting the Democrats on notice that come January they’ll be playing by the same rules the Democrats have used, only there will be a different majority calling the shots.

·        Things just keep coming out. It’s very likely that eventually Joe Biden will be regarded as the most corrupt politician to ever hold the office of president. History indicates that former presidents beset with scandals like Ulysses Grant and Warren Harding were taken advantage of by trusted associates. Not so with Joe, otherwise known as “the big guy,” who appears to have been in up to his elbows.

·        Thanks, but no thanks. Migrants decline Gov. Newsom’s offer of asylum in CA since they just came from a collapsing communist hellhole with no electricity. And this classic on Californians trying to adjust to life in Texas. Just too damn funny!

·        In typical fashion, this story isn’t exactly trending in the mainstream media. Man confesses to vehicular homicide for running over Republican teenager. The fake BYU volleyball story, of course, got 24/7 coverage.  

·        Another Russian gets defenestrated. It seems to be a major cause of death among Putin critics.  

·        Look at the faces of the panelists. The classic deer in the headlights look as they sit there in shock. Liberal host, Charlamagne praises DeSantis. Panelists frozen.