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In The News for Wednesday, November 17, 2021
Posted Nov 17 2021 7:26AM

·       This year’s most stunning poll finding. On the heels of a WaPo/ABC poll that showed Republicans with a 10 point lead on the generic Congressional question, the widest in the 40-year history of the poll, come a new Rasmussen poll that shows the GOP up by 13 points. Republicans lead by 22 points with Independents. Notably, 30% of Blacks say they would vote Republican if the election were held today.

·       I agree with this. COVID Panic Will Only End Through Civil Disobedience and Mockery.

·       It seems fair to say there is something rotten in Denmark Washington, D.C. Very rotten and it’s been going on for a long time.

·       Biden has made a horrific mess of pretty much everything he’s touched and the Chinese and Russians have noticed, as we would were the tables turned. Lets see: unchallenged rioting, runaway crime, a supply chain crisis, inflation, the Australia-UK-US Defense pact, Afghanistan…we could go on.

·       Democrats are struggling with Kamala Harris’ Train Wreck Vice-Presidency. What did they expect? Wasn’t anyone paying attention? A heartbeat away from the Presidency?

·       Wyoming GOP downgrades Liz Cheney. They will no longer recognize her as a member of their party.

·       My money is on Bannon. The Misdemeanor From Hell.   

·       All is not well between our two top occupants of the Executive office of government. Psaki refuses to answer as to whether Biden would back Harris for President.

·       Just rub it in our faces, why don’t you. Taliban just held a military parade. Wonder where they got all that military equipment?

·       An update on some of the Afghans resettled in Wisconsin. Looks like they’re fitting right in. An Afghanistan Grows in Wisconsin.

·       These should be cropping up all over the country. The Reality of Inflation in Billboards.