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In The News for Monday, July 8, 2019
Posted Jul 08 2019 7:16AM

·        Robocalls are totally out of control. If I see a 901 area code it’s a robocall nine point nine times out of ten.

·        Reminds me of the Irishman who jumped into the vat at the distillery and wound up drowning. They cremated him and it took three days to put out the fire.

·        One of the most insignificant members of Congress, Justin Amash, has left the Republican party and declared himself an Independent. I think that’s a misprint. It should read declared himself an idiot. His chances for reelection look pretty slim. He is the Republican version of Eric Swalwell.

·        This jerk didn’t get the reaction he expected. It’s about time we stopped putting up with this kind of behavior from dorks like T.J. Helmstetter. He looks like the guy in high school who showered in his clothes.

·        Bernie Sanders asks Nation to please stop sending him books on Economics. The Babylon Bee nails it again. I suggest he start with F.A. Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom.

·        When you post something stupid on social media, you might want to make sure it’s not a felony. Using the video, the police tracked her down and she’s facing 2-20 for second degree felony charges of food tampering. Even worst, she’s now probably barred from Wal-Mart for life.

·        I know someone’s parents are proud! What a fine young man.