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In The News for Thursday, May 27, 2021
Posted May 27 2021 7:45AM

·        Open Season In Minneapolis. Oh, thank goodness. Al Sharpton is on the scene. We know reason will prevail.

·        OK. Real Communism has never been tried. Jordan Peterson murders that argument. In case the tweet from Not The Bee has been censored by our friends at Twitter, here is his argument from 2017. But that wasn’t real communism. It’s only 7 minutes and very good.

·        Mark Zuckerberg is an unchecked malevolent influence who should be prosecuted under the RICO statutes by a smart state attorney general. How Zuckerberg millions paid for progressives to work with 2020 vote officials nationwide. Also, more evidence that Facebook is censoring any commentary that expresses reservations about COVID vaccine.

·        Another lawsuit against CNN given the green light. Alan Dershowitz’s libel lawsuit can go forward.

·        Once again Australian media with the news you won’t see on U.S. media. “Biden cognitively gone” and George Floyd is a criminal. Sure would love to see this commentator on CBS.

·        Crisis by design. Tennessee Senator Bill Hagerty says “every town is now a border town.” Biden continues to ship illegal aliens into Chattanooga in the middle of the night.

·        Cobalt is vital to EV’s (Electric Vehicles) and about half the world’s known reserves are in the Democratic Republic of Congo where children are being used as slaves to extract the resource for Western companies building those vehicles.

·        This should be happening nationwide. Hundreds of NJ students rally against Rutger’s COVID vaccine mandate.

·        Update: CNN loses nearly 70% of its viewers since Trump left office. Apparently TDS sufferers are just not very loyal to this one-trick pony.

·        Florida’s University or Central Florida has introduced the creation of undergraduate and graduate level programs in social justice. There’s a degree guaranteed to help the fast food industry’s shortage of workers. “Would you like fries with that?”

·        Some buyer’s remorse from a Biden voter. NSFW. “The Caucasian Republicans were right.”

·        Fell good clip of the day. Carjacking gone wrong for carjackers. What a squeal!  

·        A very good interview with Darren Beattie of Revolver News. I’m more and more a big fan of his.

·        As I’ve said, he is the modern day Will Rogers. Sen. Kennedy cleans gun in hilarious new campaign ad