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In The News for Wednesday, July 13, 2022
Posted Jul 13 2022 7:11AM

·        I suggested last week that the steep slope of the presidential approval ratings clearly implied that we were about to go below 30%. Voila! This week it hits 29% overall, with the key independent demographic hitting 19%. Interestingly, Democrats are slightly below 63%, down from 88% a year ago. What could be causing this? Sheila Jackson Lee has the answer. Summer Heat. LOLOL.

·        This story continues to unravel, despite the Democrat’s use of the Dopeler Effect.

·        Jill, excuse me, Dr. Jill Biden goes for the Hispanic vote by comparing them to tacos. I’m sure that will reverse recent trends that have shown Hispanics shifting to the GOP..

·        A Look at Biden’s Preposterous Oil Drilling Plan.   In conclusion, the oil leasing plan is so convoluted that it may have been cooked up by Biden’s favorite advisor…his son, Hunter.

·        “A starving man is never a good citizen.” The ‘Green Agenda’ Will Be Revolutionary, Against The Green Agenda. Canada, Sri Lanka, The Netherlands, Italy, Ghana…something is happening. And citizens are taking to the streets. 

·        Related: Hey Joe! How’s That “Incredible Transition” Going For Ya?  Does he even know what the initials EIA stand for? He wouldn’t sound nearly so moronic if he occasionally checked with the Energy Information Administration…

·        How bad does it have to get before ordinary citizens take up arms and head for the border? Biden has just made it easier for terrorists to come across the border. I know that sounds truly bizarre, but it is a fact.

A joint statement by the Departments of Homeland Security (DHS) and State in the Federal Register explained that the two agencies have made changes to the application of the Immigration and Nationality Act, our country’s immigration law. Going forward, the U.S. government will grant entry into the United States to those who provided “limited” or “insignificant” support to designated terrorist organizations.

·        Another Happy Ending. Texas Dad shoots carjackers to save infant children, wife. You probably saw this on the national network news. No?

·        I certainly hope so. Republicans plot vengeance on Jan. 6 committee. The Dems made the rules, now let them live by them when the shoe is on the other foot.

·        Some leftist definitions that are pretty much spot on. Powerline’s Lexicon Of Leftist Locutions – Updated