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In The News for Thursday, November 12, 2020
Posted Nov 12 2020 7:26AM

Georgia announces full
hand recount and audit of the election. Real Clear Politics has taken PA out of the Biden column and now has AZ, GA, NC and PA still in play. Do the math. Meanwhile the press continues to play dumb. I can only imagine how surprised CNN watchers are going to be as the momentum shifts.

·       Republicans flip another House seat. California’s 48th Congressional District. As Glenn Reynolds says, “For a guy who’s allegedly losing, Trump seems to have a lot of coattails.” If all the seats that are leaning Republican go that way, Nancy Pelosi would wind up with a slim 7 vote margin. The opportunity for mischief is just too good to pass up[JW1] .

·       Back in September, Biden pledged “I will not declare victory until the election is independently certified.” Wonder what changed? That was around the time that Hillary advised him not to concede under any circumstances. Who in their right mind ever thought that President Trump would be taking advice from Hillary Clinton?

·       Amid all the turmoil over potential voter fraud, the newest Rasmussen poll has President Trump at a 53% approval rate. Another interesting tidbit. Only 56% of Biden voters say they were voting for Biden.

·       Monday’s breakthrough in a vaccine for Covid-19 resulted in one of the heaviest trading days in history, amounting to over $2 trillion changing hands.

·       A Portland, Oregon BLM rioter who was filmed kicking a man in the head was sentenced to 20 months in prison. Seems like a light sentence to me, but it’s a start. Hopefully there are more to come.

·       Miss Mississippi, Aysa Branch, who is pro-Trump and pro-gun was crowned Miss USA. When I was growing up it seemed like Miss Mississippi won almost every year. If you’ve ever attended a pre-football gathering in The Grove at Ole Miss, you can understand why.

· is an unabashedly pro-Trump news site, but a good place to stay on top of the latest developments in the voter fraud controversy. The Bannon War Room has some of the best information coming out.

·       Saw a great Tweet yesterday. Someone tired of all the political posts and anger decided to post a word scramble instead. It was: umrTp si slit oyur Prsentdie. LOL. Let the healing begin.

·       Interesting timing. U.S. Attorney announces charges and guilty plea of former Philadelphia Judge of Elections who committed election fraud. Odd, it wasn’t all over the mainstream media.

·       Insanity Wrap #85.  

·       I like this. Trump Administration grants Gold Star families and Military Veterans free entrance to National Parks, Refuges and Other Public Lands starting on Veterans Day.

·       A cop in Baltimore was shot while sitting in an unmarked car and two sheriff’s deputies were shot near Seattle. In both cases, the suspect was fatally shot.  

·       This was overdue. Trump performs ‘near total decapitation’ of Pentagon leadership. Now let’s do the same thing with the politically correct flag ranks.

·       An excellent example of a sick phenomenon courtesy of the New York Times.

·       I’m sure it was just a coincidence. Yeah. Right.