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In the News for Monday, August `2, 2021
Posted Aug 02 2021 7:51AM

·       An outstanding Week in Pictures: Lockdown Sequel Edition.

·       A good five-minute explanation of the effect Biden has had on our economy and how taxes and inflation works to reduce your purchasing power.

·       The tipping point? Americans revolt against mask madness: Only 40% say they’ll follow Biden’s advice[JW1] . That’s encouraging since he hasn’t a clue what he is talking about. Even the Capitol Police are balking about enforcing Pelosi’s new mask mandate. As I’ve said, it’s time for massive civil disobedience. Do Democrats really want to die on Mask Hill?

Joe Biden is not up to the task of shepherding America to the other side of this pandemic and back to prosperity. He’s not the guy. He and his administration have already flubbed it and every time he opens his mouth, he makes it worse.

·       Just hilarious! Aaron Fritschner, an aide to Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA) wanted to demonstrate his wokeness by posting on Twitter a group of Republican Congressional aides playing the water version of beer pong in the halls of the Rayburn Building. The responses he got are not what he expected.

·       Are you kidding? Kamala’s five-pronged strategy for Biden’s border crisis. She didn’t have the guts to call a press conference when she released it. That’s hardly surprising. No one like to be made to look a fool on national TV[JW2] .

·       Project Veritas released the video of CNN’s puff piece on AOC. YouTube took it down, but here it is on What an overly dramatic narcissist and liar.

·       So Biden drove an eighteen wheeler and his CB handle was “Big Guy.” Apparently that wasn’t the only former skill he hasn’t told us about. He once drove a Corellian Freighter and made the Kessel run in less than 12 Parsecs. Wow!

·       Excellent interview. More Republicans should take his cue.

·       A funny thing happened on the way to the Jan. 6 hearings. After day one, no one seems to care. In fact, most who testified were held up to ridicule. The Capitol Police didn’t help themselves, either.

·       Babysitting Biden. Yes, this really happened[JW3] .

·       Spotted in the night sky above Washington, D.C.  A plea for help? LOL.


·       What happens when you call the police, and they don’t come? Washington is about to find out.

·       I’d like to order ten ribeyes to go, very rare. In fact, I’ll just take them raw. Don’t bother cooking them. Bear wanders into Gatlinburg restaurant.

·       I strongly suspect the TV ratings for the Olympics would be a lot better if they incorporated a few of these decidedly Southern events. I mean who wouldn’t want to watch Watermelon Seed Spitting or Cast Iron Seasoning or Catfish Noodling?

·       Just how bad are things in California? This bad. Watch the exodus pick up.