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In The News for Friday, October 23, 2020
Posted Oct 23 2020 7:03AM

·       Paul Tudor Jones, the billionaire investor, was on CNBC Thursday morning predicting a Biden victory and a Blue Wave. Andrew Sorkin, of course, loved it. Paul is a very smart guy but is also the epitome of the groupthink coming from the New York investment community who got it dead wrong last time. We’ll see. If he’s right, our world will change. I think he’s dead wrong, and we’ll find out in a few weeks. If so, I hope they have him back on to explain what happened. I might point out that Paul was a Hillary backer in 2016.

·       For all of you who bought that Exercise Bike with good intentions and it is taking up space in your room now and not being used, this may be for you. It takes up a lot less space while you’re not exercising.

·       The Plot Thickens. There is more and more every day for the media to ignore. When your business associates start flipping…This is one of the most damning things to come out of this whole Biden corruption mess. It seems that every day brings new revelations. Biden isn’t the only Democrat being fingered. Here is the whole story. Still crickets from the mainstream media Democrat operatives. A lot of people owe the New York Post an apology. I’m sure it will be forthcoming[JW1] . Sinohawk Holdings CEO Tony Bobulinski has agreed to provide documents to the Senate.

·       Update: The above was written before Trump’s announcement that Bobulinski would be his guest at the debates, which apparently threw the press and Biden camps into total disarray. It was a master stroke which pointed out to the American people just how biased the press has been in not covering the story. Bobulinski has released his emails and electronic devices and the old Russian disinformation spin won’t work on this one. Trump has really yanked their chains and the barking is loud. NPR looks particularly ridiculous. in front of the debate was unbelievable. Talk about an October surprise! The Press Conference was a real eye opener.

·       The Babylon Bee, of course, had something related.

·       Debate questions we’d like to see asked.  Good luck.

·       This is what is called Karma.

·       Voter suppression?

·       As promised, President Trump released his 60 Minutes interview with Leslie Stahl. The general agreement seems to be that she has lost any credibility she might have had. It’s obvious why he released it. It keeps CBS from selectively editing it before it airs. Good move.

·       I’d like to see more of this. Trump issues order for some career federal employees to lose their civil service protections.

·       New Biden Ad. Too funny.

·       Critical Race Theory is, of course, a hoax. Here is some sound thinking about it from a black British woman who is the UK government’s Equalities Minister, whatever that is.