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In The News for Monday, September 14, 2020
Posted Sep 13 2020 10:37PM

·       The Week in Pictures. A good collection.

·       Best political ad of the season from Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina. Professional athletes should be ashamed.

·       Seven minutes well spent. If this is true, and it is entirely possible, it needs to be explored thoroughly. I’m not a conspiracy fan, but too much of what we’ve seen in the last two years indicated that perhaps we’re not paranoid for thinking that there are those in our government who think they can make their own rules.

·       Trump has apparently been nominated for a second Nobel Peace Prize. Liberal heads are exploding, and spittle is drooling down their chins. The second Arab country to make peace with Israel in 30 days. Related: Campaign to raise funds for Trump’s addition to Mount Rushmore continues. Not surprisingly, the thoroughly discredited Atlantic Magazine is now calling for an end to the Nobel Peace Prize. If a Democrat had pulled this off it would be hailed 24/7 in the media as a brilliant diplomatic accomplishment. As it is, crickets from the presses’ Democratic operatives with bylines.

·       Contrast the pure joy and joie de vivre displayed by President Trump and his supporters with the dour, humorless and vitriolic displays of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and their supporters.

·       Perhaps sanity is slowly returning. Judge disqualifies prosecutors from George Floyd case for sloppy work.

·       Saw the interview[JW1] . Can’t have this guy on enough between now and the election. Every appearance worth thousands of votes for Trump.

·       So how is the public taking being lectured to by athletes and sports announcers? A recent poll shows it may not be going over too good.

·       Paul Krugman is trying his best to edge out Robert Reich in the most despicable running. He apparently isn’t happy being in a tie.

·       Democratic Senators block GOP CCP Virus Aid Package. Hey, there’s an election coming up, after all[JW2] .

·       Two items from NBC news a little over an hour apart. Riots COVID Safe, Trump Rallies Are Hot Zones. The media seems totally tone-deaf as to the low esteem they are held in by the public.

·       A recent Harvard graduate who threatened to stab those who say ‘all lives matter’ fired by Deloitte. No, Claira, they didn’t fire you because they are prejudiced. They fired you because they realized they had made a huge mistake and hired an idiot.

·       You’d think that with Atty. Gen. Barr in charge this cover-up activity would be brought to a halt. The Resistance obviously runs deep at DOJ. “The pandemic of “accidentally” wiped phones among the Mueller team requires a criminal investigation.

·       So, they are basically inviting Antifa to burn their stores? Lulemon, maker of $168 leggings, enourage followers to “resist capitalism.”

·       Biden hasn’t lost one of his key traits. When cornered, he can still evade with the best. Jake Tapper kind of caught him admitting that USMCA is better than NAFTA.

·       Quote from Jeff Zucker[JW3]  of CNN toward the end of the 1016 Primary season: elected[JW4]  president of the United States without CNN. Really? Perhaps he needs to reassess CNN’s influence.

·       Quotations from Dementia Joe. “Practically none of this babbling ever makes the network newscasts, because the ‘reporters’ are all Democrat stenographers with press passes.”

·       Yesterday in Compton. When this guy is caught[JW5] , he needs to be tried, convicted and given the death penalty then put at the front of the line in the express lane.

·       Seattle kills the Golden Goose. “In a just society, they’d wind up hanging from lampposts, but in our society they’ll probably get cushy jobs with left-wing nonprofits.

·       Air Force One may well be supersonic in the future. Solving the sonic boom problem is a key. A super sonic Air Force One would sure let President Trump cover a lot of ground. Can you imagine what he’d accomplish with the ability to be anywhere in the world in a few hours[JW6] ?

·       I don’t ever want to hear again that the Republican party isn’t inclusive. This should bely that. Maybe a little too inclusive.

·       Want to unite the Irish? Try closing their pubs.

·       Maybe there is hope for NYC. Another Giuliani is considering running for mayor in 2021. Rudolp’s son, Andrew, currently serving as a White House aide to President Trump.

·       Andrew Weissmann is so overdue for disbarment. Sidney Powell at the 1:45 mark. The Evening Edit on Fox Business with Elizabeth McDonald from 6-7 PM ET is one of my three favorites along with Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham.