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In The News for Wednesday, August 25, 2021
Posted Aug 25 2021 7:33AM

·       Something is very wrong. With eyes bloodshot and five hours late, Biden has surreal press conference and then stumbles out.

·       Firing people would be admitting mistakes were made. Hey, it’s not like everyone doesn’t already know that.

·       Losing a war by choice. I don’t disagree with the points made in this post, but the fact is that at some point the people you are trying to help have to take responsibility for their own fate. We aren’t obligated to stay and protect them indefinitely. Having said that, it’s difficult so see how our withdrawal could have been more incompetently managed. There should be some flag officers and others in the State Department and Administration who should be circulating their resumes.

·       White House Weaklings Were Too Afraid to Tell Biden the Truth About Afghanistan. Biden was apparently determined to be able to say “we’re out” in his 9/11 speech.

·       This would seem to indicate that Nancy Pelosi is losing some support.

·       We hold our football coaches to higher standards than our failing Generals.

·       An interesting interview by Steve Bannon of Sydney Powell talking about the “insurrection.”

·       A message Joe Biden should be delivering.  

·       If you’ve ever seen Memphis Intl Airport at 3 am in the morning as Fedex planes are lined up as far as you can see in the sky coming in to land, then you can imagine what the Kabul airport might look like if they loaded the 82nd Airborne onto C-130’s and flew them and their equipment into Kabul. I’ll warrant the Taliban on seeing that might rethink what they’re doing. It’s unbelievable to me that the Secretary of Defense hasn’t been asked to resign and that Gen. Milley hasn’t been relieved. As one ex General said, the Commander-In-Chief should be court-martialed, not impeached.

·       Cuomo’s parting shot. Despicable.

·       Finally, some good news on the illegal immigration front as Supreme Court requires Biden to revive ‘remain in Mexico’ policy.

·       Chalk up another W for the second amendment. Toledo woman shoots would-be home invader several times. He apparently took and failed the room temperature challenge.