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In The News for Thursday, April 29, 2021
Posted Apr 29 2021 8:04AM

·       My review of the President’s address to Congress: Painful. A cliché ridden, boring hour of nonsense. The TV camera caught Ted Cruz apparently dozing off. He couldn’t be blamed if he was, but as one commentator remarked, he was probably praying. We all should. He actually said that the Jan. 6 demonstration was “the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.” Really? What a complete fraud. Here is someone else’s take. An Unmitigated Embarrassment.

·       Tim Scott’s rebuttal got decidedly better reviews and the media’s reaction to it is telling. You be the judge.

·       The Geek In Pictures: Some very varied and interesting charts on various subjects.

·       I’ve reported on Coca-Cola’s wokeness in the past. They just fired their chief in-house council who had sent a letter to all of Coke’s outside legal counsel demanding that the fall into line with Coke’s “diversity” policy. They have now been put on notice that they are likely to be sued by the Project on Fair Representation unless they change their policy.

·       I’m planning on tuning in the annual dinner for the American Experiment on Saturday evening at 9 PM ET. If you would like to do so, go here and enter the password: annualdinner.

·       James Carville and fervent anti-Trumper Brett Stephens andss  are worried that the current climate of “wokeness” is setting up a major backlash. I certainly hope they are right. Brett’s column in the New York Times is titled “Race and the Coming Liberal Crackup.”

·       Glenn Reynolds refers to him as “America’s Wrecking Ball.” Biden’s 100-Day Rampage.

·       CNN’s new “reporter.” Hardly surprising[JW1] . Natasha Bertrand is a Deranged Conspiracy Theorist and Scandal-Plagued CIA Propagandist.

·       Thank you, Joe. Eighteen-wheelers are unloading illegal immigrants and drugs, and ‘cartels are having a field day.’

·       I certainly hope this is true. Americans Waking Up to Fact That Kamala Harris Is an Idiot.

Because nothing matters anymore and Joe Biden has the IQ of cheap vodka, he decided that the best person to back up his puppet presidency was the woman the Democrats couldn’t wait to get rid of less than a year earlier.

And because elections don’t mean anything anymore, these two nimrods made it into power.

Despite the media spin, this administration has been a disaster thus far and people are noticing it.

I used to think it was nightmarish to imagine Joe Biden having to become president if something happened to Barack Obama. Now we’re living that nightmare with an even bigger nightmare backing him up.

A cackling nightmare.

Stephen King is writing America right now.

·        I’d love to be running against this nitwit in the next primary. Texas Democratic Representative claims there are six ‘Biological Sexes.’

·       U-Haul responds to market demand.

·       A very interesting dichotomy between how blacks in Brooklyn Heights feel about the rioting as opposed to how white women in Washington, D.C. feel about it. Those affected directly about it are much less tolerant.

·       Gannett caught red-handed letting Stacy Abrams stealth edit her already published Op/Ed in USA Today. They got caught, otherwise it is highly doubtful they would have inserted an “editor’s note.”

·       You’ll remember the outrage when the Trump administration did this. The Biden administration has revoked the Epoch Times’ congressional press credentials. Chinese state-run media is OK, though.

·       Another Biden nominee who should never be confirmed. Nominee for ICE director is sheriff who made Houston a ‘sanctuary city.’ Biden’s handlers are not even trying to hide their radicalization of the administration.

·       The Chief of the United States Border Patrol isn’t going along with the Biden administration’s new vocabulary rules. Can you say I-L-L-E-G-A-L  A-L-I-E-N-S?

·       Own a pub or bar and want to see your business increase? Ban NBA games.

·       Idaho governor signs bill banning abortions after a baby’s heartbeat is detected.

·       Another company joins Tesla in accepting Bitcoin. Camping World will take it[JW2] .

·       A common reaction of those who go through gender reassignment surgery.

·       More insanity in academia. Barnard College English Instructor Ben Philippe discussed his idea of putting white people in a room and gassing them and blowing them up. What do you think the odds are that he will be fired? I’d say slim to none. He’ll probably be given tenure. Our journey to Peak Insanity just keeps ascending.