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In The News for Thursday, June 13, 2019
Posted Jun 12 2019 10:01PM

·        Something needs to be done and done quickly, yet Congress seems to be giving the emergency a big “Ho Hum.” Illegal immigrants from Ebola countries are being dumped in U.S. cities and are crawling out of manholes in El Paso like roaches. This should be the lead story on all the mainstream media evening news shows, but it’s being ignored because it doesn’t fit the narrative. American citizens should be marching on Washington with pitchforks.

·        An example of social media censoring exposed. Pinterest eventually backed down when confronted.

·        The ability to use AI and technology to manipulate images and voice has reached new levels. Witness this clip of Mark Zuckerberg giving credit to Spectre and Kim Kardashian talking about how she’s gotten rich being an “influencer.”

·        The Wall Street Journal has a piece about a small but growing number of Republican lawmakers urging action on climate change. Maybe if they’d actually read what scientists are saying instead of what people with a vested interest in ginning up hysteria, they’d be able to speak from a more informed perspective. If this is a subject you are interested in, I highly recommend you read this piece fact checking climate claims. It’s one of the best and most thorough I’ve run across. Thanks to one of my readers for sending me this link. The authors of these rebuttals are all recognized experts in their respective fields. For those of you really interested in the subject, this adds fuel to the fire. So much for the “science is settled” crowd.

·        It’s heartwarming to see an Episcopal Church in The Peoples Republic of Portland, Oregon lending their facilities to such a worthy cause. Social Justice Summer Camp for 4th – 8th graders.   

·        Just brilliant! But I don’t see Congress embracing it. Tie their salaries to whatever the Median Household Income is for their district. It might turn Maxine Waters into a Supply Sider.

·        Scorpion venom may be the avenue for new treatments for staph and tuberculosis.

·        The Southern version Competitive Games. While you’re at it, you might enjoy If Horror Films Really Took Place In The South.   

·        SSGT David Bellavia of the U.S. Army received the Silver Star for heroism and is being upgraded to the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions during the battle for Al Fallujah, Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He will become the only living recipient of the Medal of Honor for Operation Iraqi Freedom. This guy is a pluperfect, baaadass who took action instead of seeking a safe space like our current crop of college snowflakes. If you listen to his interview, I somehow don’t see him suffering from PTS.  

·        I bought a pair of Bluetooth ear buds several months ago and have been very happy with them. My son was wanting a pair of Apple Airpods, which are expensive, and I ran across these from PaMu which look to me like they are a much better deal with twice the playtime plus being water resistant. If you’ve been thinking of getting a pair, these might be worth a look. At $49 a pair, they are much easier on the pocketbook.

·        A look at our Energy situation and the effects of ending “Net Neutrality”. It beggars the question that PowerLine asks, “Have Liberals Ever Been Right About Anything?”