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In The News for Tuesday, November 8, 2022
Posted Nov 08 2022 7:31AM

·        VOTE! If you haven’t already voted, do so if you have to crawl over broken glass and walk over hot coals. It is time for the pendulum to swing back hard and cut some people off at the knees in the process. By late tonight we should have a good idea if the Red Tsunami materialized. My prediction is that the GOP will have at least a 40-seat advantage in the House, perhaps over 50, and that the Senate will be at least 54-46 GOP, with 57-43 a possibility. I've got plenty of popcorn, a good bottle of Scotch and I'm ready to watch some returns.

·        Need some help. Maybe this ad for Biden from the Babylon Bee can push you over the edge. Or perhaps another suggestion. Before you go vote. Go grocery shopping, gas up your car, pay your bills, look at your 401K. Then go vote.

·        This seems like a nice way to start the day. Perhaps an indication of what is coming. Blood Moon Rising.

·        This is bound to help the Dems. Right? Biden: The Pudding President’s Insults Continue.

·        Can The FBI Be Saved? Not in its present form. The FBI will face a reckoning after the midterms. I certainly hope so. It is long overdue. Glenn Reynolds: Examples need to be made. Painful ones, that will discourage this sort of conduct in the future.

·        Biden fact-checked by Twitter, again! I’m liking the new Twitter.

·        Kind of hard to back off this one, Joe. “No more drilling. There is no more drilling. I haven’t formed any new drilling.” Pardon the syntax. It is Joe, after all.

·        A Terrible Idea Whose Time Has Come. Hopefully not after today’s GOP sweep.

·        The Idiot Vote. Unfortunately, it is a huge problem.

 Ignoramuses are the Democrats’ core constituency. Can’t name your congressman or a single Supreme Court justice? Have vaguely heard of Gettysburg, but can’t quite place the war? Get your idea of news from People and Us or Comedy Central?

·        Seen this guy plenty of times in Times Square. When You’ve Lost The Naked Cowboy…