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In The News for Thursday, November 17, 2022
Posted Nov 17 2022 7:39AM

·        I’m sure he has no doubt that this is true. “Trump knows the worst the Democrats can conjure up is coming straight at him. I don’t care what you think of Donald Trump, the dude’s got guts. We need guts like that in public life. I wish more had that gift.”Victoria Taft.

·        Are We Completely Crazy? Not Yet. There is, however, a segment of our population that is. 11% think that Drag Queen Story Hours are very appropriate for children and another 10% are “not sure.” That’s 21% who need to be confined somewhere like an island that was a former leper colony.

·        Gov. Abbott has crossed the Rubicon and “invoked the Invasion Clauses of the U.S. and Texas Constitutions to authorize taking unprecedented measures to defend our state against an invasion.” Hopefully, others will follow suit. Gun boats patrolling the Rio Grande? I love it! Read the whole post.

·         Katie Hobbs Projected to Win Arizona Governor’s Race With 108% Of Precincts Reporting.

·        Want to delve a little deeper into why Target’s earnings were such a miss. Read this.  This is another sign of a great sickness in our society that, for some reason, we seem helpless to deal with. We know the solution and until we have the backbone to address it, it will continue. I’d say recruiting platoons of “rooftop Koreans” would be a good start.

·        Democrats are bathing in dirty money that belongs to defrauded crypto investors. Hope the under thirty crowd that voted for them appreciates the favor. Being a low information voter can have its consequences. And then there is this.

·        Looking forward to this deposition. FBI and White House slapped down by judge in major censorship case.  

·        Not good. Majority see FBI as Biden’s ‘personal Gestapo’ after Trump raid. In the latest Rasmussen Reports survey, 53% of likely voters agreed that “there is a group of politicized thugs at the top of the FBI that are using the FBI as Joe Biden’s personal Gestapo.”