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In The News for Friday, July 5, 2019
Posted Jul 05 2019 11:59AM

·        I thought the Fourth of July celebration on the Mall in Washington, D.C. was a tour de force in patriotism. As The Washington Post, hardly a Trump fan club, said, “Trump made his critics look small during his ‘Salute to America.’” Of all the stupid freak-outs we have experienced since Trump was elected, the hyperventilation over his Fourth of July address and celebration on the Mall may be the stupidest. The President gave a speech that even his critics, much to their dismay, couldn’t fault. While the constant carping of the critics predicted a minimal turnout, it was quite the opposite as I expected, with people showing up nine hours before the President’s speech. It was a great celebration of American exceptionalism.

·        For you fly fishermen out there, this campaign on Indiegogo looks interesting. For $115 you  can get a four-piece fly rod which is well below what you’d pay for an L.L. Bean or Orvis rod. I’m looking at possibly getting one for my son. The are due to ship by the end of July and come in 2wt to 8wt and have a lifetime warranty.

·        In light of the recent Democratic debates, this open letter from George s. Bardmesser in The Federalist might be worth a re-print. It was published back in March.

·        CNN continues to hemorrhage viewers, coming in at 15th place in primetime viewing after losing 20% of an already pathetic viewership. When your business model is all TDS all the time, instead of covering real news, it’s not a winning formula.

·        Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL), famous for her ridiculous cowboy hats, is trying to put comedians out of business. She thinks it should be illegal to make fun of Congress people.

·        According to a poll just released, 67% of American voters believe a citizenship question should be included on the 2020 census. Let’s hope the Supreme Court can get in sync. It’s pure common sense.

·        I commented a few weeks ago on how ludicrous it was to invite Hillary Clinton to be a keynote speaker at the FireEye Cyber Defense Summit unless she was intending to give a demonstration of how BleachBit worked. Apparently, she has now withdrawn citing an “unforeseen circumstance”. I’m guessing the “unforeseen circumstance” was her realization of how ridiculous she would look.

·        Flags are flying at half mast in Kentucky, or they should be, as a Jim Beam warehouse has been burning for about two days. I wonder if they had any of those Jim Beam decanters that looked like Elvis? George Jones – The King is Gone (And So Are You)