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In The News for Thursday, September 29, 2022
Posted Sep 28 2022 8:42PM

·        Let’s call a spade a spade. The Green New Deal, or as I prefer, the Green Nude Eel, is not going to happen in our or our children’s lifetimes. It is a scam designed to line the pockets of politicians and their supporters and promoted by people who haven’t the slightest grasp of what is involved. Ever wonder why you don’t see any real debates on the subject between supporters and deniers? It is because the narrative would be quickly destroyed. Does anyone with more than a room temperature IQ believe California can support a populace forced to drive EV’s that they can’t even recharge without crashing the grid? Ask one of those dolts where the power comes from to charge the vehicles. Can you spell C-o-a-l-? One of my favorite memes is the picture of the Tesla roadside assistance vehicle. It is diesel powered.

For an example of just how ridiculous and expensive this nonsense is and will continue to be, you should read this twitter thread on wind turbines and how much copper is required for just one. The people benefitting from this scam, of course, are the same ones screaming about global warming being the cause of virtually every natural catastrophe and human foible. Without it they lose their justification for the green nude eel. As for me, I’ll stick with this slogan: Earth First, We’ll Drill the Rest of the Universe Later.

·        I’m surprised this story isn’t dominating the news more. It would seem to me that it has the potential to truly cause international turmoil. Environmental disaster in North Sea as Nordstream Pipeline breached by sabotage.

·        Don’t know about you, but I’m good with this. It’s Happening Again: Bad Polling Is Giving Democrats a False Sense of Confidence Going Into the Election.

·        How corrupt is the FBI? It think it should be obvious by now. Here are a couple of good examples.

·        There’s a Reason Conservatives are Becoming Less Tame. The left is quaking at the thought that the Republicans will play by the same rules the Democrats have been using. Meanwhile, the America Firsters are sharpening their knives in preparation for preparing some savory dishes like fillet of Schiff and producing hearings like Hunter Biden – This Is Your Life. I’m personally looking forward to American Stasi – A Deep Dive Into the DOJ and FBI.

·         Nothing has triggered the Globalists and the Left recently like Georgia Meloni’s victory in Italy.

Italy’s Right-Wing Victory: Shock and Rage Across European Political Class, Mainstream Media

 YouTube Removes Viral Video Of Incoming Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni “For Violating Terms Of Service”

U.S. Media Loses Their Mind Over Giorgia Meloni Win In Italy

·        Looks like Joe Manchin got played. He’s learned what most of us already know. You can’t trust the Dems as far as you can drop kick the Capitol building.

·        Meet JiaQi Bao, Hunter’s very own Fang Fang. The FBI didn’t seem interested in commenting.  

·        You really don’t understand how bad it could get in Europe this year.

 “As bad as it is now, these might still be the good days for Europe. With winter and higher gas demand on the way, experts told Fortune that Europe’s energy market has never been more vulnerable. Even the slightest uptick in energy demand anywhere in the world could push entire sectors of Europe’s manufacturing industry to shut down entirely, devastating European economies with a wave of unemployment, high prices, and in all likelihood public unrest and divisions between European nations.”

·        The scope of this is staggering and is a major, catastrophic failing of U.S. Counterintelligence. Read FBI.