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In The News for Monday, June 10, 2019
Posted Jun 10 2019 7:13AM

·        The President tweeted Friday evening that he had reached an agreement with Mexico that will avert tariffs. This despite all the whining and hand wringing of everyone I saw on the financial news networks for the last week. My thought at the time was wouldn’t it be interesting to see how things would go if everyone showed a united front instead of playing Chicken Little. He’s done something that none of his predecessors have been able to accomplish and he did it in spite of receiving absolutely no help from the Democrats. In fact, I’d say he did it in spite of them. CNN wasn’t happy about the President’s victory. What a surprise. I liked Don Surber’s comments Trump rope-a-doped his critics.  

·        Bond guru Jeff Gundlach is taking a victory lap after his call to use options to play bond market volatility returned 22%. What he isn’t mentioning is that his bearish call on the stock market would have caused you to miss the entire rally off the December lows.

·        You know it was an impressive performance by the President when two of the more pathetic sufferers of TDS are complimentary. Jim Acosta and Joe Scarborough were both uncharacteristically approving.

·        This is an interesting development in the de-regulation of government bureaucracies, and it is part of a trend nationwide. Good news. The Idaho state legislature opted to - in essence - repeal the entire state regulatory code.

·        Don’t know if you’ve been following this one. YouTube had de-monetized Stephen Crowder due to a campaign by a left-wing snowflake whose feelings have been hurt. He ha probably served to increase the views on Crowder’s YouTube channel geometrically. Funny how Conservatives are always the ones being banned or de-monetized. As I’ve said, it’s as if these social media platforms are begging for regulation. Now it appears that YouTube’s arbitrary enforcement of their “rules” have a lot of creators worried.

·        How truly stupid and uninformed are today’s college students, really? The answer, unfortunately, is pretty stupid and uninformed. Students at the University of Maryland were asked who they trust more, the Trump administration or the Chinese government. You can probably guess the results of this poll.

·        For some reason, Ilhan Omar seems to be getting a pass from the mainstream media on the scandals surfacing. Oh, I forgot. She’s an anti-Semitic, liberal, Somali born Democrat. That clears it up. Despite being a bigamist, she filed joint tax returns with the man she wasn’t married to. She is also being fined for campaign finance violations. She’s a disaster and Nancy Pelosi put her on the Foreign Affairs committee. Scott Johnson at PowerLine has been on this case for a long time. Ilhan Omar’s Blizzard of Lies.  

·        Atty. Gen. Barr is asking questions the media doesn’t want asked. Well, that pretty much indicates he’s on the right track, doesn’t it?

·        Finding America at a back-roads gas station. Good, heartwarming story. I do the same thing a lot when I travel. I absolutely refuse to stop for meals at the fast food chains along the way. As a result, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing some great local treasures in various small towns. I have to say, one of my all-time great finds was Abe’s Grill in Corinth, MS. If you’re ever traveling on Hwy 72 through Mississippi, don’t miss it. Abe told me that Guy Fieri had been after him to do an episode of Diners, Dives and Drive-Ins but that he couldn’t afford to lose a whole day’s business.

·        I’ve been meaning to get around to reading this book, but I keep putting it off. Eat That Frog!: Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time.

·        I get vertigo just looking at this. Plans for a four-sided infinity pool on the top of a 55-story tower in London. No thanks.

·        I hope she’s right. Margot Cleveland believes that Barr will be unleashed after release of the inspector general’s report. I’m ready with plenty of popcorn.

·        Push back twice as hard. Oberlin College, one of the “wokest” institutions in academia, has been found liable of libel and slander and ordered to pay $11 million in compensatory damages. Punitive damages hearing to follow. Award could reach $30 million. The first rule of hole is that when you find  yourself in one you stop digging. Apparently, Oberlin’s general counsel in ignorant of this rule.  

·        You can’t be too careful. In an effort to prevent copycats, the Media has been urged not to release any more names of Democratic presidential candidates.

·        YouTube is run by idiots. They deleted an award-winning history teacher’s World War II videos in “hate speech” purge.

·        The Supreme Court isn’t one big happy family, apparently. The liberal minority is getting frustrated as they see the writing on the wall. In an Indiana abortion case, Justice Ginsburg dissented and in a footnote to the concurrence, Justice Thomas said her dissent …makes little sense. Justice Ginsburg hints at sharp divides a Supreme Court term nears end. Very encouraging.  

·        This is hard to believe, but, if true, Kim Jong Un has reached new heights in creative execution, rivaling the worst Bond villains.

·        Sociology has always been a suspect discipline, but this “research” pushes the limits of credulity. Three Canadian “researchers” are presenting a paper at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences this week in Vancouver arguing that the game of Dodgeball reinforces the five faces of oppression – exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness, cultural imperialism and violence. I’m assuming that their presentation will be met with uncontrolled laughter, but I could be wrong. David Burge had a tweet on about it. Hilarious and I concur.

·        Good advice. “Before we put a show of unity with Muslims, let’s have them begin by respecting our civilization and our culture.” The War On The Cross. If you depend on the American mainstream media to cover this, you’re out of luck.