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In The News for Wednesday, March 10, 2021
Posted Mar 10 2021 7:59AM

·       I certainly hope this is true. A Political Nuclear Explosion Is Coming. Remember the famous quote from Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

·       China carries out giant Microsoft hack. Not to worry, I’m sure Joe is on it. Joe? Joe? Someone wake Joe up. We’re not dealing with a case of ‘The Emperor Has No Clothes.’ We’re dealing with a case of The Emperor Is Buck Nekkid. I’m leaning toward the under on the over/under betting of whether he makes it to year end. The Secret Service is on the job.

·       The Rio Grande Valley seems to be turning Red. Wonder why? Why is Biden hiding amount of illegal immigrants coming across the border? You need to watch this.

·       Granting Washington, D.C. statehood is, of course, unconstitutional and should not be allowed to happen under any circumstances.

·       Most of Biden’s executive orders are unconstitutional. His latest is perhaps the scariest, yet.

 What Biden is proposing is unconstitutional, as is the case with many of his executive orders.  They are often straightforward announcements that he will no longer abide by American law, especially regarding our southern border.  Biden and his handlers are confident that the Supreme Court is so cowed by the court-packing threat that it will do nothing to slow the Democrats as they slowly, but surely, run the Constitution through a shredder.

·       I’ll believe this when I see it. Durham will have Russiagate indictments ready in 6-8 weeks, says John Solomon. Supposedly, a senior member of the FBI leadership has turned state’s evidence. If true, I suspect Comey is stocking up on Depends.

·       An interesting development in the Nevada Democratic Party. Entire staff quits after Democratic Socialist slate wins every seat. My guess is that Nevada won’t be the only one to fall.

·       You should barely know the Federal Government exists. Don’t we wish? Jefferson called the Tenth Amendment “The Foundation of the Constitution.”

·       It’s about time. No more money for RINOS.

·       The kind of debate I’d like to see a lot more of these days between intelligent rational people and leftists. An old Point/Counterpoint.

·       Know who you are doing business with.  

·       Young Americans plan to spend almost half of their stimulus checks on stocks.

·       Apparently Pepe Le Cuomo isn’t the only governor facing problems over COVID deaths. Arguably the worst governor in the U.S., Gretchen Whitmer, may be facing some problems, too.

·       Meanwhile, they just keep coming out of the woodwork. #6 weighs in. Where is the outrage? The 24/7 hysterical coverage by the media? Am I missing something? Oh yea, Biden called him the ‘gold standard’ of dealing with COVID and the media fawned over him and gave him an Emmy. Historians at some future date are going to look back on all the nonsense from this era and wonder what was in the water. While we’re at it, you’ll find this hard to believe.  

·       Maybe there is hope for the hopelessly woke Great Britain. A top UK judge calls for civil disobedience over ‘despotic’ COVID crackdown laws. Lord Sumption is Great Britain’s most distinguished Supreme Court Judge. Anyone heard from John Roberts lately?

·       I reported last week on Coca-Cola’s embrace of critical race theory. It’s worse than I thought. The company has sent a letter to the law firms that represent them demanding certain “diversity” measures. Coke is now officially on my permanent restricted list until they publicly repudiate this nonsense. My father’s old law firm was founded to represent Coca-Cola’s largest bottlers and I grew up considering even thinking about drinking a Pepsi akin to being a communist. No longer. May I suggest the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group headquartered in Plano, TX. I’m a Dr. Pepper/Canada Dry Ginger Ale man now. Unfortunately, because of Coke’s acquisition of Coca-Cola Enterprises, they now have the right to distribute Dr. Pepper and Canada Dry. I may have to stick with Scotch and Guinness and give up soft drinks.