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In The News for Friday, October 2, 2020
Posted Oct 02 2020 7:42AM

·       Further comment on Comey’s testimony from Powerline. Dirtiest Cop Testifies. Comey isn’t exactly ‘the buck ends here’ kind of guy and would certainly never have made it as a ship’s Captain in the Navy.

·       Several Fox News personalities had critical comments about their colleague Chris Wallace’s performance as moderator of the presidential debate. Powerline also had some comments worth reading. Today’s offering from the paper of record. Chris Wallace’s impartiality questioned due to his giant foam finger reading ‘Biden 2020’. In case you aren’t aware of it, Chris is a registered Democrat. How shocking.

·       Hardly surprising. A new Gallup poll finds that the highest number ever have zero trust in the press.

·       President Trump has an option for the Supreme Court that Eisenhower used twice. A Recess Appointment.

·       California continues successful campaign to drive individuals and companies out or the state. A new law mandating diversity on corporate boards coupled with reparations[JW1]  should help things along. My take on this is perfectly reflected by the following letter written by a friend to the writer of an article about this in the WSJ:

Thank you for your reporting on these gender and racial mandates out of California.  Although I don't doubt there is noble intent of these new laws, I find them disturbing, anti-liberal and when placed in historical context, shocking.


Making hiring selections and decisions based on gender, skin color and sexual orientation?  Maintaining and reporting statistics to the government on these metrics?  Defining a person's contribution and worth to a company based on physical characteristics or what gender they are sexually attracted to? 


I think it’s a dangerous path when we define and classify people based on race and gender whatever the perceived societal goal.  I would prefer a society that judges people individually, on how they think, their capabilities, their inner self, their experiences, not the superficiality of group characteristics of which they have no control over.  


·       The CDC has released new data on survival rates for COVID-19 and they don’t fit the narrative. For anyone below 70, the risk is roughly the same as for the normal flu and for those over 70 it is slightly higher. The over 70 numbers are skewed due to the mismanagement of nursing homes by, primarily, New York[JW2] .

·       I think it’s safe to say we can put to rest the canard that President Obama was not complicit in the attempted coup against a newly elected President Trump. The question is whether anything will come of it.

·       George Washington University Law School professor Jonathan Turley had a lot to say about Comey’s testimony.

·       Today’s offering from the paper of record. Chris Wallace’s impartiality questioned due to his giant foam finger reading ‘Biden 2020’. In case you aren’t aware of it, Chris is a registered Democrat. What a surprise.

·       How desperate are the Democrats? NBC news has pushed an anti-Barret smear fed to it by “two Democratic committee aides.” The media is not longer the fourth estate but a fifth column. Related: AP doesn’t want its reporters to use the word “riot.”

·       Apparently, a group of parrot bad boys have had to be removed from public view after repeating obscenities.

·       A good example of a Federal Agency run amok. The President shouldn’t have to intervene is things like this but someone needs to call a halt to such outrages.

·       I’m sure we’re all surprised by this. The moderator of the second Presidential debate served as an intern for Joe Biden. C-Span’s Steve Scully got his start with Sen. Ted Kennedy and prior to that worked as an intern for Sen. Joe Biden.

·       What if the Presidential election winds up being decided by the House of Representatives? It happened three time in the 1800’s. Maybe Dems shouldn’t be too hopeful, though. It isn’t a one man one vote deal. It is done by state delegations with each state having one vote. Currently the Republican control 26 delegations and the Democrats control 22. Pennsylvania is tied and Michigan has a 7-6 plurality for Democrats, but one independent – Justin Amash, who leans right.

·       Mississippi lifts mask mandate. Slowly but surely sanity is rearing its head. One Democrat lawmaker was caught admitting that masks are ‘political theater.’ Anyone who has read the science thoroughly already know this.

·       Amid all the polls claiming this and that a recent Gallup poll showed that 56% of Americans believe President Trump will win in November. 90% of Republicans and 56% of Democrats felt that way while only 24% of Democrats predicted a Biden victory.