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In The News – Tuesday, November 25th, 2014 Edition
Posted Nov 25 2014 7:00AM
  • Is OPEC becoming marginalized? There are deep divisions in OPEC and Saudi Arabia may be tired of being the axe when it comes to cutting or increasing output. We have commented in the past that the United States emergence as one of the world’s largest producers and our diminishing need to import oil was likely to have a major effect on geopolitics. Apparently, Iran would like for the Saudis to cut output since Iran can’t afford to see their revenues fall any further. With sanctions and falling oil prices, the mullahs have been struggling. There is a huge budget imbalance.  Let’s pass the hat, shall we?

  • One professional believes that around $72 is likely a floor on Crude prices.

  • Bond managers face a dilemma and are trying to plan their responses in advance. They are essentially trying to plan for the unknown and are worried about liquidity.

  • Interesting development in battery technology that could be a game changer. They think it could be ready by 2016.

  • Rest in peace, Evelyn Rotier. I rarely ever go to Nashville without at least one stop at Rotier’s. It’s been a Vanderbilt campus hangout for over fifty years and I have consumed gallons of beer and innumerable grilled cheeseburgers and chicken gizzard dinners there, not to mention all the quarters I put in the pinball machine. She was a real Nashville icon and our thoughts and prayers are with her family. She was 94 years old.

  • Goldman is out a little early with their 2015 outlook. I like and agree with the “Broadening Recovery” theme as well as the “Dollar Bull Market”. They comment on the earnings yield of equities, which is one of the things I focus on, as a reason for why equity multiples have the potential to move higher.

  • Finally, the flying car may have arrived. Let me know how it works.

  • Market Central for the coolest technology for this Christmas. People I know who have it love the Apple TV set-top box. Personally, I want a set of top of the line ear buds. If you’re looking for my Christmas present, Bose makes a nice set. Here is another list of 10 Stocking Stuffers.

  • I like this turkey recipe. 90 minutes sounds good to me. I may try this.

  • All you need to know about Cowboy boots. Not a bad piece.

  •  We’ve had some critical comments on Hedge Funds lately. Here’s some news on one, Appaloosa, which is considered one of the best.