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In The News for Monday, April 20, 2020
Posted Apr 20 2020 4:03AM

·       Update from Dr. Geach: Moving the Goalposts – Four Reasons It Is Safe to Open America. The Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) may actually be 0.1%, way below initial projections and about the same as this year’s flu. You should read this piece. And this one: After Repeated Failures, It’s Time To Permanently Dump Epidemic Models. And this is interesting. How do things look if you break out New York from the statistics? A whole lot different. And this: Vultures circling over Manhattan. Damn!

·       How true. Lockdown Theater Brings Hoopla and Amateur Epidemiologists. An acquaintance of mine made what I think is an astute observation when he wrote that “Politicians and bureaucracies tend to respond to crises with theater. After 9/11 it was airport security theater. Following Corona it was lockdown theater. There’s some utility to it, but only some, there is much more hoopla.”

·       A great quote courtesy of Ron Hart. “If we don not have SEC football this year, the South might start another civil war. The SEC and NFL could play their games without fans. It is the WNBA  model, and it has worked for a lot longer than folks imagined.” LOL. Not trying to offend WNBA fans.

·       More on Nancy Pelosi’s blocking the additional PPP funds. She and Schumer are both coprophagic. Thanks to a reader for my new favorite vocabulary word. For once, and it’ fairly rare, Chuck Todd may have it right. Democrats Risk Public Blame for Delaying Small Business Relief. There is absolutely no doubt that if a Republican Congress was doing this to a Democratic administration the media would be excoriating them.  

·       Slow Joe’s latest babbledygook. It takes a real talent to keep one-upping yourself.

·       The evidence continues to mount that our response to battling the Wuhan Virus has been far out of proportion to its threat. The majority of the positive cases of Wuhan Virus on Aircraft Carrier are asymptomatic.

·       Cairo, the dog that helped catch Osama bin Laden.

·       It’s the only way they’ll learn. Sue the hell out of them. A public university, The University of North Texas fired a professor for making fun of a flyer on “microaggressions.” It’s way past time to be making fun of college diversity officers, LBGTQ deans and those determined to ram PC down our throats. Get this. Some of the   

·       I certainly hope this is happening. It should. Coronavirus pressures US manufacturers to bring plants home from China. With China’s economy on life support, it’s time to turn off the ventilator. The world is starting to social distance itself from China.  

·       This ought to be fun. President Trump will deliver the commencement address at West Point on May 23rd.

·       Seems like a good question to me. Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz aren’t coronavirus experts. So why are they talking about it on TV news? The same is true of most of our politicians.

·       Courtesy of a friend and reader – an inside look at the awesome F-22. Way cool!

·       Our Garbage Media. Now being hit hard with layoffs and salary cuts.

·       Top Ten Surprising Consequences of Covid-19 Hysteria. #4 Trump gets a platform to smack the media around (watched by millions).

·       A 2015 Tweet about Delaware Joe from John Stewart. LOLOLOL.

·       If they think Germany’s bill is high, they haven’t seen anything, yet. Germany sends China £130 billion bill for ‘coronavirus damages’ – sparks fury in Bejing